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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 11th, 2013

Signs to show that a guy is not into you

Signs to show that a guy isn't into you

Research shows that men are five times more likely to cheat in relationships. In one of my articles 'Why some people become players', I explained how certain unmet needs coupled with the quest for popularity force men to strive in other relationships even without possessing one bit of true love.

Since such guys pop up everyday, it's important you know some of the signs to show that a guy is not into you or just wallowing your time. Same thing happens if he's really that into you, it gives you a big push to carry on the relationship further.

In this article Ill be showing you how to interpret common traits that a committed and noncommittal guy would tend to portray, and sometimes even unconsciously.

Signs to show that a guy is not into you

  1. Freaking to call: When a guy is not into you, one way you can know this is in his calling schemes. You'll discover that he'd rarely call and you'd be the one to call first or always making the calls, and same thing happens with text and other medium of communication. Even when they volunteer, you'll still discover that the call isn't freewill based but based on some pretentious cover. Such calls usually end short since there's really nothing useful to say. In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I said that clinging to a guy under such circumstance only helps to hinder the chances of potential partners popping into your life.
  2. Delay in calls: Even when you call, they'd hesitate to answer. When pushed to the wall, they'll finally end up giving some hideous excuses. In one of articles 7 qualities of a good partner, I said that someone who truly loves you will never be physically scarce in the equation and will do just anything in congruent with your happiness.
  3. You play by his rule: In the beginning of most relationships the partners play by each other's rule but when one partner tends to stray away, you begin seeing dictatorship. In this case, one way to know if a guy is not into you will be that he'll begin taking personal decisions as final. This happens mostly in the realm of; when to visit and when not to, what to share and what not to, where to go and where not to, when to give gifts/surprises and when not to etc.
  4. Ostracizing you: Another strong sign to show that a guy is not into you is that he'll start going places alone especially the places he usually takes you. This is just a sign that he's not interested and by going alone, he's just trying to let others understand this new trend. So when your guy starts going shopping alone, going clubbing alone, partying alone, hanging out alone, going on vacations alone etc., then it's high time some doubtful questions begin popping in your mind.
  5. Less sexual desires: Research also found it that males are drawn to sex than females. So if your guy was once interested in sex and starts developing less day-by-day without going on any medication or what, then that's just a sign that he's not into you again.
  6. Little or no interest for the future: Just as a merchant wouldn't like to invest in a dead-end business, when a guy isn't interested in a relationship he doesn't care about future plans. In such cases, he'd rarely propose nor strive for something useful for the future.

Final say on the signs to show that a guy is not into you

Spotting just a sign isn't enough to draw the line. Sometimes, guys are influence by certain life occurrences to drift a little from normality.

For example, suppose a guy lost his job, it's certain he'd be experiencing some downtimes that may make him shift a little in character, physical appearance, mood and even in his level of communications. So such influential factors shouldn't be misunderstood.

Each time I hear someone saying "I don't understand my guy!" it doesn't take that long before i realized the problem isn't with her guy but her failure to interpret his unconscious activities. The truth is that every word or action we perform is usually fostered by some event. By trying to interpret some of these things increases your chances of understanding your guy's stand and the relationship status.

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