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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of relationship breakup

Signs of relationship breakup

Relationships are meant to last forever at the beginning, still there are certain things that can cause it not to last. At times, the partners might not be aware that their relationship is heading to breakup since in most cases, breakup starts gradually taking time.

Although some might not know that their relationship is coming to end, still the majority of people will be aware due to recently changed of attitude.

Why the breakup process takes time to be noticed

This happens in the beginning of most relationships when one of the partners believes that his/her partner is the best match and so for that reason can't end in breakup. Soon certain changes start developing in character or attitude.

This new development can either be negative or positive and in the case where it's negative, it will take time for the other partner to actually believed that his/her partner has actually changed. Another aspect is when one of the partners believes that he can change his partner.

Signs of relationship breakup

There are many reasons that can hinder a relationship from succeeding but today I am going to focus and concentrate only on the important factors that end most relationship. The following steps will explain the signs of relationship breakup so that you can always avoid these steps when building a long and happy relationship:

  • Emotionally abusive: The first thing to notice is if he/she is being abusive (See signs of abusive partner). This is most important because when a relationship is suffering, it turns into an abusive one where you will find one of the partners always the one talking, making the decisions, shouting, and sometimes blaming for little or no cause. This is a sure sign of the relation heading to breakup.
  • How is he/she regarding you?: You are in the best position to understand this point well. When you people started the relationship, did he always listen to you, your decision or choice? How is he behaving now? Is it the same? If not then, there is a high possibility that the relationship is no more healthy and if continues that way will end in breakup.
  • Long reconcilement: Another point is when a little cause for misunderstanding will have to last for long. That is he stays for days without talking to you or a phone call. This is a sign of breakup because he/she is just trying to ignore the relationship. This sign is very effective when it happens regularly.
  • Physically abusive: The moment someone is abusive, you have to quit off. This doesn’t mean you stop caring about him. Leaving the relationship will not mean that you don't love him but that you don't want to put yourself into danger.

Final words on signs of relationship breakup

Among these, there is one thing which is very common is that: all signs of affection begin to fade off from previous levels. You may also notice that the person you are with has stopped hugging or kissing you, or even less romantic. Even slight touches and terms of endearment are becoming fewer and further in between.

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