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Signs of love

Signs to show he/she loves me

This is the follow up of my previous article, Signs to show that someone loves you and from where I stopped, I'm going to be continuing from there. So if you've not read it, it's advisable you start from there or you can just bookmark it for later.

Sometimes, when people are in love they tend to hide their intentions toward their victims. While some believe they'll be turned down if they express their feelings, others believe they're not equal to the task, while the last group choose to repress their feelings and die with it.

It's for these reasons that I came up with this article because I happen to meet people always who know very little or know nothing on how to interpret certain feelings about themselves and others including the signs of love.

I find this as an area where many people are lacking but be rest assured that by the time you go through my previous article and this, you'll certainly interpret whatever sign your boyfriend or girlfriend makes whether consciously or not.

7 signs to show he/she loves you

Before I proceed with the signs, I want you to know that spotting just one of them isn't enough as this may just happened as a result of change of attitudes or due to certain circumstances they find themselves in. So you have to identify enough in order to know if he/she really loves you or just infatuation, ok?

  1. Trivial issues: I mentioned this in my previous article and the reason for mentioning it again is because some people got me wrong with this sign. Someone wrote telling me that when someone loves you he doesn't call for nothing but for real purpose. But this isn't what I said. I said that when someone loves you, they sometimes text or call for very trivial reasons. For example, someone interested in you might ring your number more than anyone does, call you in the morning, text at noon just to say hi, sometimes calling just to confirms what he/she already knows. So if you happen to experience this, know that this is one of the signs of love.
  2. The proximity gap: Have you noticed that when you love someone you tend to always be very close when ever around them? And the same thing happens when someone loves you. He/she keeps very close or private distance when talking to you compared as when with others. In my book, 'How to make someone fall in love with you', I explained in details how the proximity gap can be used to program someone's mind to fall in love with you without doing much
  3. Express happiness: When you find someone interesting, you tend to be happy around them and the same process happens when someone finds you interesting as well. In most cases, they express genuine smiles and although sometimes they might try to hide them, you'll still managed to spot some in their faces.
  4. Orientation: When someone loves you he/she usually stands parallel to you; facing you directly and their toes parallel to yours and this indicates signs of love. Now what about your victim, does he usually stands parallel to you? If so, the probability that he/she is falling for you is high.
  5. Switching behavior: When someone openly expresses his/her desire for you today and the next day he/she withdraws, this also can be interpreted as an interest in you. There's a logic behind this but it's very simple. The first day, he/she showed much interest and without getting any positive feedback from you, they pulled back. The positive behavior was because they love you and the negative behavior was just to cover their traces, right?
  6. Smiles that don't fade: Many times in life when we come across some good experience or what we wish, we tend to express real smiles. So, one of the signs of love is that when someone sees you as precious, each time around they express genuine smiles; smiles that don't fade easily. Although people fade smiles yet a genuine one lasts a little longer.
  7. Canceling other plans for you: Do you know that when someone loves you, he/she does everything to meet up with your own schedule? Very few people know of this. For example, they might pros-pond certain activities just to attain to yours.

Final say on the 7 signs of love

As you can see from the above, knowing if someone loves you isn't that difficult if only you managed to know very few things about them as a start and from there, all you've to do is to monitor his or her unconscious activities around them and before you know, they'll just be like something you're reading in a book.

So, for a start, all you've to do is simple. Just take each of these signs and see how they match your victim and the more the signs that match, the more they love you, right?

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