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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of lack of self-confidence

Signs of lack of self-confidence

Do you know that around the world many people missed great opportunities in life just because of the lack of self-confidence? And its also true that at one point in our lives, we have once regretted something about the past highly due to our confident level.

Since I started mastering self-confidence and self-esteem, I came to discover that many people believe that they are fully confident but at the same time, the way they go about doing things proofs that they are suffering from self-confidence.

So, since many people do not know this, thats why I came up with this article so that it could serve as some kind of mirror to reflect your inner-self so that, instead of thinking of what you are, you will equally see what you are, right? But if you are suffering from self-confidence, then you can jump to this article (How to build self-confidence) in order to build your self-confidence.

Signs of lack of self-confidence

The below mentioned points will act as some kind of support in letting you know exactly what you are. But before that, I want you know that the more of these signs you spot out, the more shortage of confidence and vice versa.

  • Fear of making mistakes in public: Have you noticed that most people who lack self-confidence tend to fear of making mistakes? People who are suffering from confidence think in a certain pattern. They tend to believe they are too confident and therefore must not commit errors and this is where they are totally wrong, else they would have understood that making a mistake in public does not mean lack of self-confidence.
  • They project doubt in what they say: It takes me a very short while spot out a person who lacks self-confidence. I just know it the way they speak. They are never certain; they usually talk in doubtful manner. For example, they may want to confirm something, instead of using confident words like certainly, no problem, I will do it, very possible, definitely, they prefer saying something like Ill try, I hope so, surely etc. These are all signs of lack of self-confidence.
  • Always walk slowly: Another sign of lack of self-confidence can be seen in the way people walk. The way in which people walk projects their inner-self on to other people. For example, when you see someone suffering from self-confidence, you just know it the way he walks. They tend to walk slowly and at times, they usually look left and right. But a confident person does not have time looking left or right because he knows where he is going and therefore walks quickly with a straight back.
  • They believe in perfectionism: If you happen to come across anyone suffering from lack of self-confidence, you will also come to realized that they tend to believe in perfection. They believe that in order for one to be confident, he has to be perfect in what he says or does. This therefore implies that anyone trying to be perfect is an indirect way of expressing lack of self-confidence, else he would have known that as human beings, we are subjects to errors, right?

Ultimate words

There are other minor signs to show lack of confidence but I gave these few ones because they are the main signs which you can spot out. Like I said before, you have to come out with at least, two or more of these signs before concluding because at times, certain life factors occur and we are then forced to adopt new ways, style of life and behavior, right?

But at the same time, I know it will be difficult to actually occur in different fields and that is one of the reasons I recommend spotting more than one signs.

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