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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of inferiority complex

Signs of inferiority complex

Unlike most of the habits we develop inferiority complex is just another set of emotions triggered by messages we permit our subconscious minds to hold regarding certain things about us.

If you go down the street and ask people about their feelings, no one would admit they're feeling inferior. Why? This is one weakness people fight constantly to break everyday in their lives.

But today, Im going to show you some of the signs of inferiority complex so that if you were living with any, at least you'll see it as a symptom and begin taking the necessary steps.

Below are some of the signs you'll be looking at. You may even come to discover that some of your cherished hobbies were fostered by inferiority complex. Don't be surprised!

Signs of inferiority complex

  • Anonymous personality: Do you openly put your full picture as your profile picture in social networking sites and allow others to comment? If that's true about you, then you're feeling superior in this realm. But if on the contrary you don't then you might be suffering from inferiority complex or fear of criticism.
  • Avoiding eyes contact: Generally people believe that looking someone in the eyes denotes equality while it might still be a sign of confidence. If you rarely or hardly look people in the eyes, this might mean a sign of inferiority if you're not really a confident person. What makes you watch characters on TV eye-to-eye and can't do same to people standing in front of you?
  • Superior people: People usually consider others as being superior while these people still suffer from internal weaknesses. If you consider someone as being overly ahead, you equally deprive your potentials to be or do what he did. This is a sign of inferiority complex. This is because you'll tend to feel this way each time you're confronted among them.
  • Unable to face crowd: People who tend to doubt their physical appearances tend to avoid being noticed by crowd or appear as a pillar of focus. They even go crazy when their phones ring in crowd. So if you usually feel nervous in front of a crowd or standing in front of them to make a speech, then you might be suffering from inferiority complex if you're not a shy person, even shyness stems from internal weakness.
  • Not enjoying the company of others: If you noticed you've started being shy or not enjoying the company of others nor take pride in going out, this may be a sign of inferiority within. It becomes tense when you feel others will not like your presence or feared to be judged.
  • Fear of approaching the opposite sex: Another sign of inferiority complex can be seen when you rarely or hardly confront someone for the first time especially the opposite sex to initiate a relationship. Research shows that men tend to ask beautiful women less often if they feel inferior about themselves.

Inferiority is nothing more than self-thoughts

The feeling of inferiority complex grows out of self-thought not basically how other people perceive or feel it. This thought is usually drawn from past poor experiences.

Whenever something occurs in the present, we tend to associate it with past happenings and the result is that we usually make false judgment about our selves.

This is just how habits are being formed and the good news is that you can still cut it off from the root. As you're alive nothing is too late nor impossible - you can break that habit today. In case you're wondering, consider going through How to overcome inferiority complex.

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