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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of cheating in relationships

Signs of cheating in relationships

It takes me a short while to tell if someone is emotionally cheating in a relationship. I am not a super human for doing this nor did I know something beyond nature. By the time you’re done reading part 1 and 2 of this article, you will do the same, interpret any relationship.

Although there are many signs to be seen in cheaters still if care is not taken you might confuse them for love. Most at times, the majority of cheaters are consciously unaware of their reasons behind cheating, but the minorities of them don’t know about this.

Why do partners cheat in relationships?

There're many influences that can cause a person to start cheating. However, since I can’t explain all the signs in just one article, i will concentrate only on the main reasons why some people may cheat on their partners while with them. In most cases, this is nothing more than the foundation of which the relationship was built on.

The first thing to note about is when someone finds his partner emotionally unattractive or not having the qualities as before. This happens when the partner has involved in a new relationship with someone he believes matches his present love criteria.

Relationship dependency

Another situation maybe when a person is involved in a relationship with someone highly depended on external factors for satisfaction. In one of my books Getting over your ex in few days, I explained that being depended on your partner for almost everything lingers the recovery process if breakup strikes and how you can reverse it if you happen to be in this trap.

The worst part of it is when one partner relies on the other especially for financial issues (over demanding). Now, the question should be: What if the partner can't afford the demand? What if he believes he is being duped by his partner? In this kind of situation, he will tend to seek another relationship behind his partner's back if he appears to be someone who can’t stand on his beliefs.

Relationship misapprehension

Another aspect maybe when the relationship is not working or heading to nowhere as compared before. And usually misunderstanding will be the daily routine. This is also one of the things that can cause someone to seek another relationship elsewhere by cheating.

Signs of cheating in relationships

Below are some of the signs that most relationships' cheaters unconsciously display without any clue that they are simply sending out messages about themselves:

  • Change in personal appearance: When we start associating with social friends especially members of the opposite sex, our appearances and desires also start changing in order to fit in. The same thing happens when someone starts improving his looks without a call for. The reason behind this is simple. She/he dresses or appears in a new form in order to please the new found match.
  • Keeps everything secret: A person who does not keep secret is someone who loves his partner. Most relationship cheaters don't share personal things with their partners and their relationships usually end in breakups. Another instance maybe when he starts refusing you from seeing his mails or touching his mobile phone. This is to blind you from his activities. All these are high probabilities of cheating.
  • Starts going to places alone: When someone starts cheating, he starts avoiding social gathering with his partner especially those places they usually go and starts going there alone. This also is a sign of cheating because there is no way he can go to any other place since those are the places he likes and knows better. So the only thing he can do is to prevent his partner from coming.
  • Sudden change: A partner who calls you always, gives you gifts, sees you soonest, always at your disposal suddenly changed, is a sign that he is no more serious about the relationship. On the other hand, he must have found a new partner that made him cheated.
  • Misunderstanding: When a relationship is headed to nowhere, misunderstanding here and there is also bound to rain. This is also an indication that one of the partners is cheating or that they’re not a perfect match.

Other signs of relationship cheaters

Prior to the above mentioned there are still others signs to spot them out. Let me just be brief with them for time sake: Your partner changes or hides his/her relationship status on social networking sites, your partner says “I love you” less often, seems more distant when he/she says it, or seems more distant when you say it, lipstick smudges or perfume odors that didn’t come from you, you catch your partner lying to you, higher than usual phone bills.

In order to have a complete guard about relationship cheaters, See the part 2 version of this article "Signs of cheating".

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