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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of cheating 2

Signs of cheating in relationship 2

In part one of this article, (Signs of cheating in relationship), I talked about some of the signs that most cheaters unconsciously display and how their partners or victims can interpret the signs to their advantage.

Since relationship cheating is not something that can be discussed in just an article, that's why I though it better to come up with this second version. In this article I am going to go deeper mostly with the signs of cheating.

why could someone cheat on his/her partner?

In part 1 of this article, I gave some reasons why someone could possibly cheat on his/her partner while at the same time still living with the partner. I mentioned how relationship dependency can influence a partner's behavior towards cheating. I also talked on failure of love criteria. In one of my articles Why do we fall in love?, I explained that we can only find someone interesting if he/she appears to match our love criteria and that's still the same reason why we don't fall in love with just anyone we come by but with certain people as a result of our love criteria.

This means that if you're in love with someone it shows that you already match his/her love criteria. Now, why would he tends not to find you interesting when he was the one who wanted to do possibly anything for your happiness? Was he not the one who used various strategy just to get you?

The answer is simple. His/her love criteria have either changed of late or certain things about you have changed that don't match his/her criteria anymore (You know better than I). When someone starts cheating on his partner, it's just a sign that he/she is not satisfied with the relationship. While the majority of cheaters will hide behind this factor, still the minority of them were just born to be like that (cheaters) never to be satisfied with just a relationship.(See Why does he/she duped me?)

Some signs of cheating

Relationship cheating is a very big topic and for this reason, it also involves many causes behind it. Since I can't explain them all in just two articles, I am going to give you nothing but just the relevant want that 86% of them will unconsciously display.

  • Starts forgetting the wedding ring: If your partner starts wearing his/her wedding ring less often than usual and in some instances, starts forgetting to put it on, then be conscious. When someone starts cheating, he also tends to start keeping things related to their wedding to the general public. In some circumstances, he/she will prefer to go places alone especially occasion, party, fun outing etc. They prefer doing so not to scare away outsiders.
  • Stops taking the kid(s) out: This is also another factor which most cheaters who have children unconsciously display. If your partner was someone who usually takes the children out soon stops, then, there's a high probability that something is wrong. I can't agree to the fact that this point can be used against him but to be in a safe side ask his/her reason before diving into conclusion.
  • Change of personal appearance: If you're with someone who never put much emphasis on dressing starts emphasizing on his/her appearance or looks when running errands, then it's time you start knowing him/her better. To the best of my knowledge, they do this to either attract or impress someone (not you else he could have done that at home).
  • Lose of intimacy: Before a man and a woman get married, they must have dated for some time. Now, if you're married or still dating, compare the time when you guys first met each other and the present time now. What do you find about intimacy? Is your partner still showing the intimacy as before? Is communication flowing in the relationship as before? If your answers appear to be yes then no cause for alarm. But if it happens to be "no or not quit" then someone is unfaithful but in this case, who is the one?
  • Secrecy: if your partner is on the computer, he/she quickly switches apps or hides windows or taps when you walk in then he/she must be up to something, if not order than a usual welcoming kiss or peck, she won't bother if it was something genuine.
  • Guards his/her cell phone: How is your partner behaving with his/her cell phone? If your partner guards or hides their cell phone and never leaves it lying around unattended then be conscious of this act. It does not just happen like that or because he/she knows how to care for phone nor that it's precious. It's about time you take the phone browse through sent and received massages. Go through the contacts and try to see if you can identify them.

Know this before approaching your partner

Before you can hold someone responsible for cheating on you, you must first make sure that you have enough reasons which can be used against him/her. This is so because most cheaters tend to be liars and they can deny anything until proven with clear proof. You don't have to do anything except when you must have spot out enough signs both in the part 1 of this article and this present one before you can confront them else you might get stuck on the way.

The higher the signs you get, higher the probability that he/she is cheating on you. But don't misunderstand them because at one point in life, certain circumstances occur that forces our life style or behavior to change either negatively or positively. So in order to avoid this, spot out many signs right?

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