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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs of abusive partner

Signs of abusive partner

Most instances, abusive people themselves really donít know theyíre being abusive to others, especially their victims. Just as the majority of them really are unaware of their identity, thatís how itís almost difficult for their partners to spot this in them as well. The reason is simple. This is because after each occurrence, they tend to hide or pretend under the cover of love sake or family protection and their victims usually see through these persuadersí lens and not their own.

What worries the most isnít really the fact that your partner is abusive but rather, when youíre unaware of his actions. This one fact is sufficient to destroy your energy and will power to resist such behavior. In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained how such behavior is one of the reasons why many people get stuck somewhere along the forgetting stage.

In this article, Iím going to explain some of the signs of an abusive partner, at least you can know where to start but before I do that, Iíd first let you know some of the reasons why someone cool might turn abusive overnight.

Why would someone be abusive to his/her partner?

Thereíre many causes and reasons behind this but among them, the most common happens to be when a partner begins engaging in other relationships behind his partnerís knowledge. This is so because when a partner starts cheating, he also tends to be abusive in order to cover up his traces. He does this to weaken your self-confidence thus making you receptive to his actions. The abusive actions act as an alibi to create more time with the new found lover.

Another reason maybe when someone is being influenced by his friends. This happens when someone tries to make comparison of his relationship with that of his friendsí. The worst part of it is that they usually do this comparison with people who are more than them; people who have everything that it takes to keep a relationship going.

Yes itís good to once in a while compare few things with others as this process makes you strive for the best. But the problem here with these people is that when they fail, they tend to be abusive towards their partners.

Another cause maybe the kind of friends a person keeps. For example, someone maybe deceived by his friends that his partner is not the best match for him. The reverse is that, if he believes them, he will turn to be abusive towards his partner.

Signs of an abusive partner

I won't say a lie that i am going to show all the signs of an abusive partner or the relationship in just one article, but today I will focus only on the main signs that 92% of relationship abusers unconsciously display.

  • I am the decision maker: Decision making and communication are bound to exist in a healthy relationship. If youíre with someone who is always the one talking, taking decisions without your approval, decides what should be good for you, and when it's your turn he screams at you, then, all these are signs of an abusive partner.
  • Bearing his faults: A good relationship is one, which the partners admit their mistakes and make apology for, but if you live with someone who does not accept his/her faults, shifts blames on to others, then there is a high probability that he/she is one.
  • Visiting is really not good, huh! What is called a healthy relationship is that which does not limit the partners from visiting old friends, members of the family, or social gathering. These are some of the things that the majority of abusers will not encourage. There is logic behind this reason. They do this to prevent their partners from the truth; if they start going out someone may tell them who their partners are.
  • Not happy with your success: In other for a relationship to head success both the partners have the right to help build their relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically. Therefore, if a partner is such who only takes or never encourages for something that leads to success, then he is no different.
  • I am your body guard!! Yes itís normal to see lovers or couple go places together but when they now go nearly everywhere together then this is rather something out of love. In most cases, this happens when one of the partners is jealous or lacking trust of the other.
  • I will do everything for you! As earlier said, the partners are responsible for the growth of their relationship anyway they can. But if on the other hand your partner limits you from working or quit your job, therefore he is without doubt not an exception. The process in this situation is commonsensical. They do this as to make you dependent only on them for everything since they have weakened your ability to create a source of income.

Final say on the signs of abusive partner

Although there are still other signs to proof relationship abusers, still the above-mentioned are the most common aspects of them. If you doubted someone as being abusive, you have to spot out enough of these signs before making conclusion. The more the signs you in them, the higher the chances that he/she is being abusive.

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