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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Should I leave home?

Should I leave home?

Are not your parents in the best position to judge how much freedom you are ready to handle out side the home? In one of my articles, how to grow up without leaving home I explained how you can be independent without having to leave home.

Ready for it. Leaving out of home on your own as a youth may not be that easy especially if you are not prepared for it. Jobs are often scares and rents have taken addition step. What about your mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity?

Self-examination before leaving home.

If you want more freedom, ask your self questions as: Am I ready to leave home? Why do I want total freedom? Can I control my emotion? Am I capable of making a living? These are what a person must consider before leaving home.

Should I leave home now? If your case is that you can't get along with your folks or relatives, this no reason to start packing your bags because if you can't get along with them, how would you be able to get along with others? See how to get freedom from parents.

As a youth, you still need your parents' support and will likely benefit from their insight and wisdom as time goes on. Never cut your folks out just because you have run in few night clubs or snags.

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