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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Relationship dependency and getting over breakups

Relationship dependency and getting over breakups

Relationship dependency is an act where someone depends much on her relationship and partner in order to feel some degree of satisfaction or to attain some unreached goals.

It's said that these factors help to build love in a relationship since as a result of reaching these factors one tends to develop love for her partner in order to attain these goals.

But still, very few people understood how catastrophic the down side of relationship dependency can be in relationship. This becomes very painful when both parties are experiencing breakup.

A resent research proved that 65% of people experiencing difficulties after breakup were rooted down on the connections to their relationships.

Another research still proved that 75% of relationships today are influenced by relationship dependency either on the side of the man or the woman. Relationship dependency hit both men and women from many other directions but women tend to carry a greater share.

Relationship dependency and getting over breakups

When one gets into a relationship not necessarily because she finds true love in her partner, the tendency that it will fail in the long run is too certain. This is because some people dive into relationships in order to escape unwanted situations, get more freedom, involve in activities they like, quest for popularity, quest for social prestige, financial backed up etc.

With this in mind, when they get into relationship they'll likely to find their self-interests ahead of the relationships and their partners. Under this circumstance it's without doubt that true love will be miles apart, giving way for the other coin of relationship.

This is the point at which, quarrels, misunderstanding and cheating start manifesting before the senior brother, breakup strikes. When breakup does it's without doubt that the one initiating false love will be experiencing some kind of hell during this period not necessarily because she misses her partner.

It's obvious that she'll be returning to her olden days, past life experiences and these are what she wouldn't want to experience thus lamenting in breakup, not because she loves and misses her partner but because she just lost a source of strength.

In my book, Getting over your ex in few days, I explained how relationship dependency can be one of the reasons why people remained broken and how it can be used in getting over breakup in few days.

What happens to the recovery process? It's without doubt that she'll be facing hell in getting over the breakup and without the help of an expert, she might end up emotionally hurt. That's why I always encourage my clients during coaching to be somehow self-dependent before relying on their partners.

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