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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Problems with trust in relationships

Problems with trust in relationships

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, creating a solid foundation and sense of security. When you feel like you cannot trust your partner, or that your partner unjustly mistrusts you, it can have serious ramifications on your relationship.

In, some cases, it can lead to a break-up. It is important to communicate when dealing with trust issues and examine the possible circumstances that could be causing them.

One of the most common forms of lack of trust manifests in jealousy. You may be jealous when your partner talks or even looks at someone else or you may feel like you're partner overreacts when you talk to other people.

Insecurity and lack of self-confidence are a few of the primary causes of jealousy in relationships. If your partner does not feel good about herself, she may project that into not trusting you with attractive women.

Past actions or behavior

Serious problems with trust can occur when one person lies or cheats in a relationship. Even if your partner has forgiven you, or you have forgiven your partner, his previous behavior may cause you to be suspicious and hesitant to trust him fully. Trust issues related to cheating and lying can dominate your entire relationship, causing you to be suspicious and insecure about her every action.

When you do not trust your partner, or your partner does not trust you, that can cause strange behavior from both of you. You may start checking your partner's cell phone, email or social network accounts to see if you have reason to be suspicious.

If your partner does not trust you when you go out, he may call constantly to check up on you or verify your whereabouts. Promote communication in your relationship, rather than violate your partner's privacy, and ask her to do the same.

How to handle problem with trust in relationship

If you are having serious trust problems with your partner, ask yourself why, and consider whether or not your suspicions have a true foundation. If you are concerned because your partner has cheated or lied to you in the past, you need to communicate your hesitations clearly.

On the same note, if you are the one who cheated or lied, you need to be patient and allow the proper time to rebuild trust in your relationship.

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