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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - August 15th, 2013

The purpose of life

What is the purpose of life?

Yesterday, I lost one of my friends, Pius Fusi. His death was like a breaking news to family members, friends and the entire neighbors. He was an extrovert guy but he never portrayed any kind of social mask in order to fit in yet he managed to make himself well known in the society. You'd seldom see him scanning calibers for friendship. To him, everyone was very much equal. He never had the finances to partake in the sufferings of others but in the least way, he'd contribute anyway he could. I think they're people who still and will continue lifting his flag so high.

He didn't only network with people on the basis of friendship but he strongly served as a fine model for entertainment and comfort. When I'm not writing nor reading nor strolling around, he'd always show up and we'd hopefully wind the time together. We often behaved in a reciprocal approach. While he'd encourage and boost certain areas of my life, I'd possibly partake in areas where he was lingering. In the race to pursue his academic goals, I served as a model for emulation. Because of his love for constant knowledge, coupled with his intense desire for law, people nick-named him Barrister.

Despite all Pius' aspirations, he died anyways. His news didn't only strike me from the standpoint of death but it triggered my thinking bank. It let me began pondering on many aspects of our existence. For a start, I began to ponder on little things like: What is the purpose of human existence on earth? Do we have a real purpose here? What is God's purpose for us? What is our own purpose on earth? Are we born to soon die? Why are we here even?

I think the answers to these questions are rooted on our existence on earth. Since we're already here, we're here. I think this is where we start tackling. We're already here in the first place so let's try to see what can be our purpose.

Why are we here and what role do we play?

Much of the reasons why we continue to live is rooted on the fact that we have a purpose and this drives us to be hopeful and get going. We're the ones that predict, identify and mold our purposes in order for life to rotate around that pursuit. When you know your role in the world, you're 70% knowing your purpose as well.

Among the best ways to identify your purpose can be by asking yourself something simple as: what ways am I contributing to the world? What role/value am I impacting on the lives of others? If am to die tomorrow, what kind of legacy are the world going to remember me for after 5years, 10years, even 20 years from now? If the world comes crashing down what will I be grateful for?

Many people simply hold the belief that there's really no such thing as life purpose. They believe it's all about enjoyment and crossing the threshold of life. With such concept, would they be any need for human creation? Why would a mother go that far as bearing a child for nine months only to give birth to a creature without purpose? That's crazy! That wouldn't be a wise standard because even the mother first believed in a purpose before bring forth the child.

Because I happened to be a physical being existing among other great human beings I tend to find a purpose to play. I intent to grow and help others grow as well. In order to meet up with my purpose, I attained knowledge and when necessary, learn new skills. This let me into writing books and free articles both online and in the real world. When someone sends a feedback regarding my works, I tend to feel some degree of achievement. This tells me that my purpose in life is transforming the lives of others positively.

What role are you playing in world?

Unfortunately, some people live without identifying what their purpose are. They let life passes them by. Others choose to rely on the benefit of doubts. When pushed, some tend to become defensive.

From this moment, consider what your purpose is. Yours may not be as mine or resemble someone's but whatever it is, that's your purpose. That's your role to play by. In case you don't have any or that you don't know how to identify one, start by asking yourself something like this: what can I not trade for anything else? What will I be grateful for if I achieve before crossing the threshold of old age? What can I really die for?

Each individual will surely come out with something unique from others or a little more congruent with someone's. In answering these questions, some will choose their children. Some will go for fame. Some will choose their profession. Some will prefer recognition. Others will choose to provide value. Other will go for better relationship. Some for peace and security. Others will go for helping the poor and motherless children. Whatever yours is, that's your purpose and play it so well.

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