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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 6th, 2013

Overcoming fear of making mistakes

Overcoming fear of making mistakes

I recently discovered that many people are afraid of making mistakes in public or among strangers than of dead. It's this concept that soon gives birth to self-pity and a decrease in self-esteem. This fact is sufficient enough as to why many people repress their thoughts, fear public speaking, and sometimes even choose to sit at the back in order to avoid going noticed.

I happen to be an extrovert guy but this wasn’t the way I was during teenage years. In fact I never liked the idea of meeting people for the very first time or say what I wasn’t sure. I constantly live with the fear of blundering among people. I guess this was because I highly believed in the theory of perfection.

But today, my thoughts have drifted to something different. When I began going into personal development I realized that making mistakes is one of the factors that reflects our true skills. In some instances, it lets us know what we’re capable of and our limit as well.

How to overcome fear of making mistakes

A friend invited me today to his parents’ 50-year marriage anniversary. At first I never wanted to honor the invitation because the scene was going to take place in his church and I was still unfamiliar with the rituals. Once again I almost put up my childhood lens and began seeing things the way fear-crushing people would but finally went after all. Although I end up blundering in one or two ways and left before time, but the moralities I sort of gain was just way too far from the odds.

I soon came to realized that among the best ways to overcome fear of making mistakes is to get involved in it and see what you’re capable of. Making mistakes shouldn’t be what we ought to shrink from. I’m not against making even the most hideous mistakes in life, in fact I welcome them as part of my routines. I know you may be wondering but that’s just how humans learn, from past mistakes. So if you're afraid of making mistakes, you'll certainly end up fearing to learn what you don't know.

When I was about to launch this site most of the comments I got weren’t supportive. People especially friends and a couple of those who rarely know me said and explained some hideous things. But that was just their own version of it. Their thoughts only let me know they're fear-based humans, afraid to trust their abilities.

The fear of making mistakes sometimes also surges from influential factors and a resent research found it true. Many times, the people surrounding us highly contribute to code this fear-based belief in us. To a greater extent, if you’re afraid of making mistakes, then it’s time you start considering the people around you. Be selective in this realm and associate best with people in congruent of your niche and discard minions.

Facing your fears

Among the best ways on how to overcome fear of making mistakes is by facing it. If you’re afraid of asking a girl out on a date, you’re just cluttering many things. Rather, why not walk up straight to her and express your true feelings?. Even if you make some hideous mistakes, at least that would serve as correction and let you know the areas needed to be touched in you thereby doubling your chances the next time.

Since childhood I always like experimenting in various areas of life and have become efficient at that. Whenever I come across stumbling blogs, I strive to interact the more in order to examine my abilities. In most cases, the end result is that something good usually pops.

Buda once said “All fear is caused by a failure to understand our true nature” and he was correct. In this case mistake is just a player that reflects our weaknesses. So I encourage you not to repress your fear of making mistakes but to use them as stepping stones towards the learning process.

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