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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

My website doesn’t show on Google

Why your site does not appear on search engines

Your website might be successful in search result but at the same time, do you know that they are other bloggers who never managed to do this successfully? It is no wonder why such a question (my website doesn’t show on Google) might surprise you but to them, it’s very normal since it is what they are faced with.

Many website owners usually have a little blockage at this stage usually because of certain few criteria they never considered along the way during their early days.

But in this article, I am going to remind them where they went wrong and also how they can use these criteria to correct the present as to rank better in Google search results.

Why your website doesn’t show on Google

Below are some of the points which you will have to consider as to why your website may not be showing up on Google or other search engines.

I am certain about this because, in most cases of such complaints, when go deeply into the matter, you will come to realized that one of the below mentioned was the problem.

  • Google doesn’t know your website: One of the reasons as to why your website doesn’t show on Google maybe that Google doesn’t know about the existence of your website. This only means that you might have submitted the site to other search engine, but you have not yet done that to Google. This is because, Google search engine is not some kind of magic software that automatically knows about your site without letting them know. You can submit your website to them here.
  • Your contents are not optimized: If you already submitted the site to them and yet you are getting no traffic from them, then, this may be as a result of inappropriate optimization of your material for their robots. Remember that search engines are not human beings that can check to see the validity of your content, so you have to learn how to optimize your contents do that they can appear on Google search engine. That is their dance which you must comply.
  • You’ve not waited: When you come up with a new site or material, you have to let all the measure search engines know about it. When that is done, it takes a little more time for them to process it before you can be sure if it has been accepted. In order for you to know, just go to any of the search engines and search your domain name to see if it appears.
  • Your contents are rare: you might have submitted your website to Google and also well optimized yet it is still not appearing, then this only means your contents are very rare or that which very few people usually search online.
  • Your materials are copyright: Another reason as to why your website doesn’t show on Google may be that your contents are copyright. The majority of contents you see online are either direct copyright or copyrights which have been modified. So in recent times, Google has been fighting piracy and so, whenever Google’s robots come across a content same as what is in their database, the second is left out or accepted but rarely appear when someone searches on them.

Final words about your website

As you can see from what I’ve just mentioned above, if your website is not yet appearing on Google search results, then, the above mentioned are some of those things you never consider during the foundation or the early days of your website.

So, in order for your website to appear or show on Google, you have to go back and spot out each of the steps during the creation of your site so as to bring out this fault.

And when you do that, your site will not only appear on Google but Google search engine will also send back huge traffic to your website now that is has comply with their criteria.

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