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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Marketing through social networking websites

How to market through social networking websites

In recent times, social networking websites have been a great source of traffic to many website owners. It is no wonder why almost all bloggers and webmasters spend time creating a page in one of these famous social networking websites.

For example, if you visit a website like Facebook, you will discover that prior to those who came to look for friends and chat with their loved ones, there is this other group of people who come there to do very little of such things other than as a source of their marketing.

It is for this reason I decided to come up with this article to those who have been visit these sites but without full understanding that unlike charting with others there, they can equally share their websites among themselves and in return, that will be traffic coming, right?

Marketing through social networking websites

Marketing through social networking websites has been one of my sources of traffic since day one of this website. This method has really worked well and could even do much better to you than I.

With social networking marketing, all you have to do is to create an account with any of the websites. For example, the ones that have really worked well for me especially with my first website were Facebook, Twitter and Google +1.

Once you create an account with any or all of them, the next thing will be to create sharing buttons and place them in the chosen places in your pages, right? With these buttons, your visitors easily share your article or what you intended just by clicking the buttons and your content (including link back to your website) automatically goes to everyone the visitor is in circle or friend with.

This therefore means that, if you place these social networking buttons at strategic places in your website where the majority of readers can easily see them, it will therefore guarantee the possibility of clicking on them.

Now, if a visitor clicks on a button and in return you get just six visitors back to your website, then, if only ten people click these buttons throughout your website, it means you will have sixty visitors just from one social networking website, right? What if you have friends and relatives who also share it with other people? In return, coupled with your site’s visitors, that would be too much traffic and that is what most bloggers usually do.

Marketing through social networking websites

Another way you can market through social networking websites is by having an account with these websites and add more friends. Most people know of this but at the same time, very few of them know how to do it successfully.

When you managed and create enough friends in your page, the next step will be sharing your own article or content with them. And how would you do that? You just have to go back to those buttons placed on your website and click on them and your contents go to all of them.

Another advantage of marketing through social networking websites is that, it’s very easy to update your friends, relatives and others about your new update in the site and this is done just with a click.

Whenever you come up with something new and would want the rest of the world to know, with this form of marketing, you just go ahead and share it and ones people start seeing it on their pages, they start coming to your website just like honeybees in the form of traffic.

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