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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Making your website show on search engines

How to make your website show on search engines

Making your website show on Google or other search engines is not that difficult nor something which can’t be done or learnt. In order to do this, you must forget about all the intuitive methods you have been learning from people who never managed to rank well on search engines.

The reason why many people usually never succeeded in ranking on Google search engines and others is because they never followed or walked in the right path.

In one of my articles, ‘My website doesn’t show on Google’ I gave some of the reasons why after everything you did, yet search engines do not recognize your website.

But in this article, I am not going to explain much. I will just go straight to the point in order to make your website show on Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

How to make your website show on search engines

In order to make your website show on Google search engine and the rest, you must fist of all make sure that search engines know about your website. This is because, although search engine robots usually index the whole of internet to get the latest, still, if you don’t submit your site to them, it may take long before they know about it.

Sometimes, without submitting it to them, it may be left out and this is common with major small search engines. They don’t have the capacity to go beyond and so, they depend on what they receive.

Optimize your website for search engines

Do you know that your website can still be submitted to nearly all the search engines online and yet, you never manage to get any traffic from them? Except for those who are still new on Search Engines Optimization but for people who know about SEO well actually know what am talking about.

Unless your website is optimized for them, else they will accept it and your site will be buried in their search results. This is because search engine robots use SEO as a means of accessing and rating a site in their database which determines how it is going to show whenever someone searches a certain key phrase. In a layman tone, search engine optimization is the language the robots read.

So, in order to make your website show on these search engines, you must learnt about SEO and how to effectively use it. This is one of the steps anyone preparing to succeed in the online world must know and have a mastery of it.

Possess something good to the public

Do you know that your website may be submitted to them and well optimized but yet it doesn’t really rank well as thought? The answer is not difficult! The reason may be that your content is only optimized but does have useful materials to the general public.

In the beginning, one can trick robots by over optimizing worthless content but in the long run, it will still fail if you have no useful content to show the public. This is because, at every given period, the humans behind these search engines manually go through the activities of these robots’ activities and when they discover that you were trying to trick them, your site may be banned for ever.

So, one of the ways on how to make your website show on search results is to take your time and develop something beneficial to the public. This is what they called search engine friendly. If you manage to comply with the rules, appearing on their result will not be a problem at all.

Use website directories

Another way by which you can make your website show on search engines is by the use of website and article submission directories. It doesn’t mean that these directories are owned by search engines and so placing your content there let it appear on their search result. No, far from that,

The reason why when you post in website directories, your site is likely to appear on search engines is that, almost all search engines respect these directories and so, whatever is accepted there is also accepted by search engines.

This therefore means that, in order for your site to successfully rank well in major search engines like Google and that rest, you have to submit enough of your materials with a link pointing to your site. Remember to always put a link in your content or your Auto-bio because search engines identify your site by the links you placed there, right? A good number of such directories are; Selfgrowth, Articlesbase, Goarticles, EzineArticle, SearchWarp, iSnare. Make sure you submit enough to each of them, right?

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