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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Making money versus driving traffic

Making money versus driving traffic

Many people just know that starting up a website is a very good way to make money but very few of them understand that in order to have a successful website, one has to follow the online principles of success and this is nothing more than what it takes to achieve your aim behind your site, right?

It’s because of this primary objective behind most people’s mission; to make money online, that I decided to make this comparison between making money versus driving traffic. I know some people will see this question as something weird since almost the majority of people’s desire for a website is becoming rich online.

If this statement is true, then, it is no wonder that such people will see no need comparing making money and driving traffic. Since I am no better judge in such a situation, I will try to bring out their importance in various directions so we can make the judgement.

Making money versus driving traffic

No one can challenge me that making money or having enough money to take care of one’s need is not good, but before you have that money, is making money the main source of getting the money? Let me put this question in another form, can you make money from your website before trying to drive traffic? Let’s find out!

For example, if you decided to open a big super market today, what will be your first target? Is it to attract more customers or to start making profit out of nothing? That can only happen if you’re ready to convert your capital into profit!!

Driving traffic is very important in any form of business whether online or in the real world. This is because, it is with this high traffic that we will be able to sell our products and let other people know about them. In one of my articles, 'Making money and having traffic', I explained some of the errors I did when starting this website as concerns making money versus driving traffic. I wasted almost 2months from day one of this website trying to make money instead of focusing on how to attract high traffic and so, the first few months were hell to me.

It’s traffic that let us make money

One of the reasons why driving traffic comes fist before making money is because of adverts. For example, many people just know that after your website is set up, the next thing will be to place ads and start making money, but this is far from reality. In order to successfully make money through placing of ads, you must first of all have good traffic, else, who will be clicking on them?

This is because, the majority of online users already know how ads look like especially Google Ads. Whenever they see one, they just skip it and only a few percentage of them click on these ads.

The same thing happens when your website depends on the selling of products or some kind of services. Not everyone will be willing to buy them since they will be some who think that the price is much, some who don’t have the money, others who need them but do not have your preferred mode of payment etc. In this case, you will come to understand that, it will be just a fraction of your visitors who buy. Now, what if you never had any traffic and wanted to make money from your website or supermarket? It will be the reverse, right? And the same thing happens to all other forms of making money.

It’s traffic that brings money

I think we have come to the final issue of making money versus driving traffic because, it is without doubt that website alone brings nothing other than an empty wallet.

This therefore means that, if you are planning to start a website or already have an existing one (if still new), during the early age of the site, you will have to focus on providing real values to your customers and also focus on driving more traffic to your website before any primary goal.

Once you begin to do that, very soon, you will begin to see how money will be manifesting without doing much. It will be just like a system or software you develop to fill your bank account with money even when you are sleeping, money will still be there accumulating.

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