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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Making money and having traffic

Making money and having traffic

Have you ever thought about making money online and at the same time also thought about how to get traffic? I know you might have thought about this, but do you know that the majority of people only know that they need a website and they want to make just money? This group of people ignore other fields of website and focus only on their desire.

It is no wonder why among the millions of websites online, the majority of them are nothing else but just failures and abandoned by their owners..

In this article, I am going to share a personal experience; what I went through in my early days of this website when I was still thinking as such people.

Although my experience is not something you have not seen or heard before, but at least, it can help you identify and avoid such a thing if not only in website, it could be in another areas of life.

Making money and having traffic

When I launched this website (, I believed the whole thing was all about making money and so, I rushed to start monetizing the site. Within the first two months, I managed to make some few $$ equivalent to $13 and the following months, I had nothing to show for but time wastage. I thought I did not manage to make a good site or that people never like my site until when I started learning customers’ behavior, online marketing and SEO.

During my course, I discovered many useful ideas I never knew before starting this website. I then realized I was doing just the exact opposite when I was trying to make money in the past. I then realized that it was totally impossible for me to sustain myself based on the website at that early age because I was walking in the wrong path.

I also came to know that before one can successfully become a millionaire online, he/she has to first focus on providing value to others and also concentrate on marketing (bringing traffic) before trying to reap or make money.

What I experienced after

Knowing all that was not just enough for me, so I had to implement these new methods and so, I forget about making money and instead focused on marketing since I knew that my contents were good and many people were already sharing and recommending them on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Within 7 months of effective marketing, I now believed I had enough traffic which I can now sell something to them and so, I remonetized the site.

Just the first month, I realized some respectable hundred of dollars in my bank account and from there, it continues growing up just like that up to date. Now, what about you (making money versus traffic)?

Making money and having traffic

As you can see from my personal experience, it will be totally impossible to succeed in any form of business before trying to provide value or get its customers.

Making money online is not that difficult or something which people are not doing, it’s all about giving out something useful and when that is done, people will equally be coming in the form of traffic and there, you can start making money from them, right? And that is also the point where you can sell something to them.

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