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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Long distance marriage tips

Long distance marriage tips

Some people believe that if the spouses decides to live apart their marriage will also weak like when one partner is working in another state. Although this is not very wrong, still they do not know that long distance marriage can sometimes be enjoyable if the partners understand certain things about themselves and follow the right pace.

This is also the same reason why some marriage couples have lived successful marital life even though one live in abroad. In this article, i will explain how long distance marriage can be successful even when the partners hardly see each other.

What brings failure to distance marriages?

When a man moves to another city, the probability that his relationship will become weak is likely to be high if good communication is lacking. This happens not because he does not love his mate but due to the fact that the marriage is suffering from poor communication and as a result soon lead to breakup.

Any kind of distance relationship where communication is lacking is bound not to prosper. They are many reasons that can lead to relationship termination but the common cause to have an idea is how the couple communicate.

Long distance marriage tips

Yes it is very true that at times we move from one area to another especially when the circumstances are beyond our means, but what is not normal is when our relationships have to suffer because of this. In order to improve on your relationship and keep it save, I will tell you those things that make long distance marriages grow healthy.

  • Important dates: Couples like to know that their partners can remember important dates in their lives like their birth dates, children needs, valentine day etc. So if you can remember to always take your responsibilities or at times send wishes he/she will know that you care enough thus building a healthy marriage.
  • Close and closer: What I meant by closer and closer is nothing more than having a live chart and exchanging of pictures because with these steps, you are not only updated by his voice but also on his present looks. By also calling and mailing, you will not only be programming his mind not to forget you but on the other hand straightening the relationship.
  • Your daily activities: When carrying such relationship you also agree that you will share your life experiences, which are, by keeping your partner updated of your newfound friends and how you spend your spare time etc. By updating him is just like being with him.
  • How do you communicate? The way you communicate will be different from how you do with your friends or boss. If you just keep writing him without useful or heart touching content you will just be reminding him that you have an email address. Won't it make sense when communicating with your distance partner to include love and romantic words like actually mentioning your love, how you are feeling without him, wish you were with him?

These are some of the things people consider when carrying out distance relationships. Remember that those tips are backed by human psychology, so apply them practically.

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