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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Long and happy marriage

Long and happy marriage

Adapting to a system of long and happy marriage life is not that hard if you appear to understand certain things about marriage affair and the things that can hinder a marriage from succeeding. Today i will show you some of the things that can be done in order to raise a healthy marriage while on the other hand explaining the limitations to successful marriage.

What brings unhappiness in marriages?

In most cases, this happens depending on the foundation of the relationship. When one of the partners has unrealistic view how life was when they were still dating and when the he/she fails to meet up with this expectation, they turn to seek it out side their marital life.

Apart of the this, there are other things that can still hinder a marriage from happiness such as issues of money, members of the family, sexual problems, how to bring up the children etc. These are some of the factors that bring unhappiness in most marriages in today's world. However, the good news is that all these unhappiness in many homes have their solutions and can be turned into long and happy marriage.

Long and happy marriage

Today i will show you some simple ways in which you can follow to arrive your heart desire. I did some research and came out with the following points below. They are going to increase your marriage health if applied rightly.

  • How do you response to disagreement? In order to build a long and happy marriage you must learn how to control your emotion in matters. Be swift about listening and maintain control how you talk and reply. By doing so your partner will surely realize he over reacted and will bring down his voice and that is a sign of apology.
  • Marriage and love: Having real love and personal affection for each other is what that keep a long and happy marriage forever. What I am referring here is nothing but genuine love. Another way is the love that exists between family members. To summarize all these, having true love for family members is just like improving the health of the marriage since they are still external factors influencing life span of the marriage.
  • Marriage and respect: All long and happy marriage couples are those who managed show respect for their partners not only in personal interest but also upon personal concern of their spouses. Respect is that factor in marriage which acknowledges the differences of viewpoint such as choices and decisions.
  • Happy marriage and communication: Love and respect won't occur if there is no good communication in the home. Before going to sleep, the family should discuss about events of the day, experiences, and activities and give way for the children to freely express their feelings. The way the couple and the children communicate is necessary for a long and happy marriage.
  • Marriage and admitting errors: It is but natural that at times we commit error and find it the hard way to apologize. But when such error occurs try beginning from any angle as a start or use heart touching word like "I'm sorry you were right" Although at times it will not be easy for the husband to say so, but a true husband who is not harsh or dictatorial will not hesitate to do so if necessary.
All these are examples of a healthy marriage. If you manage to come across any successful marriage couple and ask him his secret, he will explain to you that he followed those same examples.

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