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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Impossible is nothing

Impossibility is nothing

How many times have you gave up because someone told you it's impossible? Have many times have you been put down without even testing your own abilities?

People sometimes consider things to be impossible because someone said so. The worst part of it being that most of them become very receptive to the extent that they seek counselling for almost everything.

Since childhood, I've always believed that impossible is nothing at all. In fact it doesn't have a place. If you want to do something you will if it's necessary.

If you managed to spot out something to be important, do you necessarily need someone's approval or a false belief that it's impossible? Impossible is nothing.

I have Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries. Both of them contained almost every word except the word; impossible. Whenever I bought one, the first thing i do is to neatly wipe the word "impossible" because nothing is impossible.

I don't know how this word came about because if you truly want anything, you can get it. Although it might take some time but what matters is that you did it.

Impossible is nothing

Just the impression that getting what you want is impossible has been one of the reasons why many people go through life suffering. In one of my articles Why life is unfair?, I explained how the life style people live coupled with their false beliefs hinder great opportunities and the end result is that they tend to believe life is unfair.

Life gives you only that which you seek and belief. If you think you can't lift a certain weight you won't. The same thing happens when someone says you can't succeed. He's indirectly telling you that he failed - he never succeeded.

For the fact that someone didn't succeed in something doesn't mean others can't do it. It only meant they never did their best.

Some of the difficulties i went through when i was about to start this website (xKnowHow) were that most of my relatives kept reminding me that I was wasting too much time and energy. Some of my friends even told me no one is going to read them. Some even said i can't make money from the internet if I'm not a scammer. But did that change my mindset? That was just their thoughts and not mine!

What if i'd believed them, will there be any website as this? Will that money be there in my bank account today? They never made it and i knew i was somehow different from them.

How you can turn impossibility to possibility

Many people only know that Bill Gate is successful but very few people know that he failed many time. If he had failed and said it's impossible, would they be any Microsoft today?

If someone said you can't do it, tell him he can't, tell him it's impossible to him but very possible to you, tell him you'll first try. Even if you didn't make it today, as more effort is put forth you'll certainly make it tomorrow.

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