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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

I was fooled by my boyfriend/girlfriend

My girlfriend/boyfriend fooled me

Have you ever trusted someone to a great extent then he or she duped you? As humans, we have once been in this shoe except for those who can’t recall it, but they have at least seen this from someone else’s. So, this issue of duping boyfriend/girlfriend thing is not a new topic, right?

But the obvious question should be; why did they do it to us? Was it out of our fault? Does it have anything to do with our looks? It’s quite common to ask such questions after a breakup but one thing I want you to know is that most people who fooled their partners are totally unconscious of the fact that they are really suffering from their past unmet needs.

In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained how unmet needs happen to be the main reason why many people get hurt after breakups and how these unmet needs can be used to reverse the breakup, pains and memories in just few days.

I know many of you may not seem to understanding this topic but today, I'm going to explain how a person’s past failures, love criteria and unmet needs can make him create a baseless relationship in order to unconsciously satisfy these desires which in return, ends in duping the other partner. But before that, I will first let you know some of the reasons why people get hurt after being fooled.

Why do we get hurt after a breakup?

  • Lack of sufficient reasons: In most cases, people get hurt after being fooled or duped when they believed that it was their fault and for others, they get hurt after breakup when they felt that their partners fooled or broke up with them because they were not beauty or handsome. And that is why most of them get over it when they discovered that it was not their faults or the issue of beauty thing.
  • Another factor that hinders recovery is lack of self-confidence: Yes, if you know that you are confident of yourself, you won’t need certain people around you to feel comfortable, right? In one of my resent articles, I explained how relationship dependency is the main factor why people get hurt after being duped by their boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Relationship dependency: This is when a person jumps into a relationship just to feel good or accepted by others or for prestigious reasons. People at times find pleasure and excitement in relationships, and although some of them they might be in true love, still on the other hand they fail to know that they depended on the relationships to feel happy. The problem here is that, if breakup strikes, how would such people feel now? The response is simple! It’s without doubt that such people will be facing hell while return to their previous stage of life (unwanted stage).

I was fooled by my boyfriend/girlfriend

If you fall in love with someone suffering from loneliness or the lack of companion, the probability that he or she will fool you later is very high. For example, someone might missed his partner probably because he relocates or moved to another state. While there, he will be suffering from lack of companion.

As a result of what happened in the past, he will likely fall in love with anyone who matches the least of his love criteria, right? Immediately he goes back to his old partner, he automatically fools you as a result of his past unmet needs even if nothing was wrong or you did nothing.

In the book, 'How to make someone fall in love with you', it explained how you can identify someone suffering from relationship unmet needs so as not to fall a victim.

Relationship taste addict

Another reason why you may be fooled is when he or she was a relationship taste addict. Relationship taste addicts are people who never get satisfied with just one partner. They believed that having many lovers bring out their importance and popularity without fully aware that, their failures in the past to attract desired partners let them into this habit.

When they believe they are done with one partner, they quickly dump them and jump to another class. In this case, you may be possibly duped for just little or no fault. They just turn around, create and place traps in order to stand and lay blames.

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