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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

I have lost hope in life

I have lost hope in life

Itís true that at one point in our lives we have think of our importance in life, what we are up to and the things we need to make us comfortable in life. One thing I noticed in the human existence is that nothing ever happens exactly how we wish it to be.

But for the fact that things never turned out to be how a person wanted necessarily mean he should lost hope in life? Nor facing ups and downs in life means that is how it is going to be forever? The answer to those questions is a big no! Itís a normal rule for everybody to one point in life bound to feel bad, so I see nothing wrong with that.

Why do some people lost hope in life

In most situations we feel because of the inability to get what we wanted in life and when they tend to be difficult, the majority of us completely lost hope in life and that is why itís very common for someone to say life is unfair rather than saying I failed to get what I wanted in life.

Each and every one of us has what we are looking in life and this differs from another personís own. For example, a business man might believe that for life to be comfortable, he must at least have doubled his capital while a civil servant might want to build a house first. How does this have to do with losing hope in life? Itís simple, when they failed to meet up with their expectations, they tend to lose hope in life and the same thing happens with any layperson.

For some people you will see it from the beginning that theyíre not going to make it. For example, how would expect life to be fair to a student who wants an A Grade but at the same time youíre not seeing that degree of seriousness in him? It doesnít work in that pattern and thatís how some people came to lost hope in life just like due to very big and unattainable goals they set.

How to gain hope in life again

Making life comfortable require that you go beyond the usual since we are living in a world full of desires, choice and competition. This therefore means that whatever you want, you must face opponents or obstacles to reach it.

At this point, getting what you need is nothing more doing than what others with that possession did, only then would you realize your successes and that is why every goal you set in life requires its own level of determination.

Therefore, when you set a big goal for yourself, you also have to double the level of your persistence and determination in order to reach that height, right? Follow the examples of other successful people, develop more knowledge about it and gradually work your way, when you reach that point you will see much hope in life.

Life is not about giving up hopes

Once you are still alive, you have to live with hope. When I first started my first business, I made enough money for myself during the first year. As time goes on I started expanding by investing in another kind of business. It did not take up to two years for me to lost all the money I had both in the old and new businesses. I had to sell my properties included my car to repay some of the loans and so, I remained broke.

At the moment, if I had to say something about life, the only phrase I could say will be life will never going to be the same again. I completely lost hope in life but at certain point, I realized life is all about giving up hopes but making mistakes and learning from them and so, I started this website. Within the first year, it generates enough money that I found hope in life again. In the past, if I had to define life I would have come up with a different definition.

The only way you can gain hope in life is by doing everything humanly possible to correct your past and work your way out to achieve what it takes to make life comfortable and hopeful. You can do this by surpassing on new ideas and methods till you are comfortable only then will you see life as fair.

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