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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How you can improve physical intimacy

How you can improve physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is not a performance or a competition; it can be the most sincere expression of your love for someone and cement the bond between two people, deepen their intimacy and when agreeable, to produce children.

One of the most common fears of both men and women, straight or gay, is whether or not they'll be able to bond physically with another person and achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so. Well, below are some things to know about.

How to improve your physical intimacy

The first step of doing this is by making time for romance. You can do this by lighting aromatic candles, share a glass or two of wine, and talk to each other. Sit on the couch, put your arm around your partner, and just bask in the intimacy of the moment. Speak about things agreeable, and share a kiss or two. All this will lead up to a most rewarding and enjoyable shared moment of love and intimacy.

You can still improve this physical intimacy by learning to massage your partner. You can do this by using scented oils. Scented oil is a nice touch and its well known that smells can both relax and arouse. Touching and being touched are both equally important, so learn both to give and receive in this regard!

Again, you can listen to, and talk to your partner in order to learn about their likes and dislikes. Being totally focused on each other is extremely important as it will help to strengthen your relationship both in and out of bed. This process works well for many people.

Another way of improving your physical intimacy is by spending plenty of time together with your partner on foreplay as this is an excellent way to discover what each of you like and hate. Don't rush things fast. When you both feel comfortable with each other, you can share your more intimate fantasies, feelings, and maybe even act some of them out! So long as its fun for both of you, there is no harm in a little experimentation.

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