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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to tell someone I love you

How to tell someone I love you

Before I let you know how to tell someone I love you, I must first let you know how the whole process looks like and the things that hinder some people from succeeding. I also want you to know that the process is going to take a little more effort to make it but once you’ve made it, you’re there right? If you’re lacking self-confidence or as a result of shyness, the process is going to take more effort. There’s nothing to be worried of because others have been doing it and why not you?.

Why do others face difficulties?

This is so due to how some people react whenever they see their victim (the opposite sex). They immediately develop a belief systems of rejection that: I can’t try, they’re above my level” etc. Other just say they don’t want to get embarrassed in front of their victim.

Is there anything wrong with these belief systems? These are some of the beliefs, which hinder the process. The obvious questions should be: Who says they’re above you? Who says they’re going to turn you down? Who toll you it’s forbidden to express what you feel to someone? Who passed the final judge, you or someone?

I don’t see these questions to be very irrelevant but on the other side, how do you get the answers if you never tried it? In order to make this phrase of love to someone, you have to first get rid of these beliefs without which you’re heading the no way direction.

How do I get closer to my victim?

Before planning to approach or tell someone I love you, you must first understand few aspects about your victim and these things vary from one person to the other such as his/her beliefs about love, his/her level of understanding, background, who his/her friends are, if you match his/her love criteria etc. This is because, without having to know the person’s belief system, you stand a chance of trial and error rather than someone who has a clear mastery of his/her victim’s personality.

If you do not have enough clues who your victim is, you can still know by examining who their friends are, their activities, how they interact with others etc. If that doesn’t work, you can still use closed ones related to your victim such as his/her friends. In one of my resent articles, I said that friends are one of those factors, which can influence a person’s personality, and that is to say, if you manage to get in contact with their friends, you stand a better chance to know who they are.

How to tell someone I love you

The following steps will act as some kind of support during the process of expressing your deep feelings.

  • Start by using simple words: People usually find it uneasy to say 'I love you' except when they’re sure of yours as well and this happens mostly when it has to do with girls. Some people still think that this phrase is harsh to express their love. Contrary to common beliefs, it’s a legitimate way of appreciating someone but If you still find it uneasy, you can still start by using other words like 'I like....' in most statements referring to the person will soon make them realized you’re simply saying I love you.
  • Backup your points: Another step is how to express your I love you and backing it up. At times, people just walk up to someone and say what they want not considering their reason. For example, if someone walks up to you and says 'your shoe doesn’t make sense at all' it sounds weird right? But if he starts giving you some relevant points, you may start to consider what he is saying right? And the same thing applies when trying to say I love you to someone. In order not to be turned down, you must backup your love for the person by making him/her see reasons why you love her and this is nothing more than programing his/her mind.

What if I am not sure of my love for him/her?

If you're not sure if you are really in love , then don't say it. In this situation, you can always use another phrase to say it. Just be yourself and make things flexible. Who knows, it may turn into love one day. It's better than saying it when you’re not actually sure if you are really in love .

What if you're in love with someone you're not dating?

If you feel like you are in love with someone you are not dating like your crush, or best friend, this is simple. Don't go and say, "I love you" now. Those are big words to use to such people and can end up scaring them. Let them know how you feel in subtler ways by flirting with them, or by asking them out. You can always say it after some time when you must have understood each other better.

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