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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to tell a girl I love you

How can I tell a girl that I love you?

There are many ways which a boy/man can tell a female that “I love you” but among these ways, the easiest way/approach to this is when you must have known few things about her right? This has to do with what she likes, the things she hate, her rightful and worse moments etc.

If you managed to know few things about her, your chances of telling her is high without having to do much. This process makes it difficult for her to turn you down.

What can hinder a boy/man from succeeding?

Before I let you know how to tell a girl that I love you, I must first let you know how the whole process looks like and the things that hinder some boys/men. I also want you to know that the process is going to take a little more effort to make it but once you’ve made it, you’re there right? If you’re lacking self-confidence or as a result of shyness, the process is going to take a little more effort.

This is so due to how some boys/men react whenever they see a girl/woman. They immediately develop certain belief systems of rejection that I can’t try, she’s above my level” etc. Some just say they don’t want to get embarrassed in front of her.

What is wrong with these belief systems? These are some of the main beliefs, which hinder the process from taking place. The obvious questions should be: Who says she’s above you? Who said she’s going to turn you down? Who toll you it’s forbidden to express what you feel to a girl? Who passed the judge, you or someone?

I don’t see these questions to be very irrelevant but on the other side, how do you get the answers if you never tried it? In order to make this expression to a girl you have to first get rid of these beliefs without which you’re heading the no way direction.

How to tell a girl I love you

Today, I will be giving some few tips on how to say I love you to a girl even if you were a shy person. Below are some directive steps that will appear to be some kind of a start in this regard :

  • Make eye contacts: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you , I explained the process of standing by someone's sight. I also said that staying at someone’s sight makes he/she starts developing admiration for you and the same thing happens here. If you managed to make enough eye contacts with your victim, then she will start noticing your interest and when the right time comes, she would have already known and will be receptive to your phrase.
  • Say it in an appropriate tone: If guys are at home (someone you already know) and there's background sound then keep your volume low. Don't whisper unless you come closer which can also be a very intimate way to express your love. If you want to tell a girl how you feel in public, it's up to you whether you want to pull the person aside, or say it in front of friends or even strangers. It depends on your loved one's personality, and your own personality. I don’t know about others but some will find it terribly romantic to be told they're loved across a room full of people.
  • Smile: It can be nerve-wracking to tell a girl i love you, only to wait anxiously for their response especially if it's the first time either of you have expressed love. The best way to overcome this fear is not to expect the phrase in return. Your intention can be to tell the person how you feel, with the hope of making her happy and showing her that she is valued. Remember that unconditional love means not demanding anything in return. So smile, and perhaps give her a hug. If she loves you, too, she will say it in her own way and her own time right?
  • Make your love clear: Don't just say it, show her that you really do love her. Saying I love you without showing it is just like telling her you’re only a joker or flatterer. Try expressing your love in action and in words, that is hug her and just hold each other after the moment.
  • Love is expressed differently by everyone : Be understanding and looking for your partner's ways of expressing it to you; they may not be the same as what you do or what you want them to do, but in turn you may not be doing the things they want and they should look for your way.

Finally words

Do eye-to-eye contacts. When a boy actually loves a girl, he feels comfortable looking in her eyes when expressing his deep feelings. So making direct eye contact shows seriousness and also communicates that you love her. The amount you can say "I love you" with your eyes is astonishing.

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