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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to talk confidently

How to talk confidently among people

Do you know that unlike any other weird habit, lack of self-esteem in oneís self is no different? This simply implies that if you know something but canít say it, something in your subconscious mind must be responsible for that and this is nothing more than your inner-weaknesses coupled with how you go about perceiving yourself and your audience.

A strong research was carried out in Denver which came out to proof that one of the main reasons as to why some people never manage to speak confidently boils down to their stored data which drive them to the path nervousness.

Since I have already mentioned some of the signs of lack of self-confidence, I will suppose you already know them and so, in this article, I am not going to talk on self-confidence its self, but I am going to be talking on the main factors behind confidence which may hinder you from talking confidently among people, right?

Why donít I talk confidently among people?

In order for you to speak confidently, you must first be confident about yourself. When you see something good about yourself, that is already the courage to speak and move confidently and the reverse of this statement is true. Why?

This is because, all desires or emotions come from within and if the inner-person sends a signal, we receive it and comply with it in that pattern. Now, what if you were not feeling good about yourself probably that people will make fun of you?

In return, if you attempt speaking, the subconscious mind will always remind you that they will make fun of you and thatís one of the reasons why many people usually shake or stammer when it comes to talking confidently among people highly because of their inner-belief system (what people will say of their weaknesses).

If you believe this statement to be true, the first thing to do will be by eliminating all false beliefs you have about yourself only then would you feel the courage and desire to talk confidently among strangers, classmates, in public, during interviews or in front of your Boss.

Research also shows that one of the reasons as to why we love most of these famous rappers, actors/actresses, and comedians boils down as to how they managed to ignite some degree of happiness in us when we watch them; probably the way they confidently talk, walks and perform during shows.

They do this with ease since they have really nothing to worry about themselves and so whatever they do or say, they do it very well.

How to speak confidently among people

In order to talk confidently, you must try by spotting out if you have some of the below flaws mentioned since there are the main reasons behind your problem and not confidence itself.

  1. Lack of enough knowledge: You may not be able to speak confidently among others as a result of inadequate knowledge of the subject matter. This point like this is enough to make anyone not to be able to talk confidently. If this is your situation, before you can speak confidently, you must acquire adequate knowledge about the topic, right?
  2. Look them in the eyes: If you watch a confident person talk, one of the things you will notice about him is that he/she doesnít fear to look people in the eyes and thatís one of the characteristics of confidence which you must follow. This means that when talking, always look your audience straight to their eyes.
  3. Donít become shaky: When talking, avoid stammering because this is what causes people to become shaky. When you eliminate this habit, talking confidently will no more be a problem.

Final words on how to talk confidently

Finally, when you are talking among people, what they usually focus is on your use of words and what you are trying to pass on to them. This therefore means that certain words have more meaning to our speech rather than their synonyms, right?

And if you manage to use them well, in return, they will project a feeling of confidence in you. In one of my articles, building self-confidence, I explained some of the ways in which you can develop your inner-self and this process could be also used to talk confidently among people.

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