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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to succeed in business

How to attract customers

One of the objectives of almost everyone when setting up a business is to succeed in it, right? In spite of this clear desire in mind, why do some people start failing just after the business has been launched (from day one)? Why do some remain as they started? Why no progress?

There are many reasons that may cause a business to fall after setup but since this article is focused on how to succeed in business, I will not talk about these failures here. But if you want to know why some people fail, see 'Why canít I succeed?'

In another perspective, itís worth reading to know some of the mistakes which easily hinder some businesses and kill their future existence, right? Thatís fair enough?

Remember that this article deals with already existing business and here, I am going to tell you how you can succeed in business just by adjusting few things about it.

How to succeed in business

Below are some of the guidelines that if followed, the probability that you will make it is very high without having to apply much physical strength;

  • Cut down prices: It is no wonder why most new businesses usually cut down prices for their goods/services. This happens not by errors or some kind of mismanagement. They do so for a reason in order to attract more customers. When I first wrote my first book, ĎHow to make someone fall in love with youí, I placed the price at $39.99. I sold the book quit well but later on, the sales dropped by 40%. I realised the majority of the customers could not afford it, so I reduced the price and the sales doubled and you can do the same in your own field, else, you will be missing a lot.
  • Create good customer atmosphere: Why is it that you always prefer shopping at a particular shop or website? Is it that there are no other alternatives? Very far from that!! Everyone likes going where he/she will be safe and comfortable. So, what about you? How do you treat your customers? What kind of atmosphere do you create for them?
  • What are customers saying: Itís no doubt why most shops and big institutes always place suggestion boxes and posts all over. They do this in order to get feedback from customers about their products and services. Doing this gives you the opportunity to know what they like and what they donít. In return, this will be used to improve on your business and gives the customers maximum satisfaction.
  • Carry out research: At times, itís important to carry out more research and study of the business. This doesnít necessarily mean going back to school or some kind of weird processes. This only means to at times, visit your competitors and see how they are also going about their management and activities of their businesses. If you saw something positive, it will act as some kind of support in succeeding in your own business as well.
  • Carry out advertisement: In order to succeed in business, you must let others know about your business; what you do, your productsí qualities, your services etc. and this can efficient be done through the use of advertisement. There are many forms of advertisement which you can use including media, and in return, you will watch and experience your bank account grow as a result of succeeding.

Final words about business success

As you can see, how to succeed in business is not something super natural or some kind of magical science. Succeeding in business is nothing more than investing wisely coupled with how you go about interacting with your customers.

If you try to know why some people fail in setting up a successful business, you will come to discover that, somewhere along the line, they never followed some of these principles of success.

This article alone is not enough for one to guarantee the success and the existence of a successful business. So, in order to get a complete mastery, follow some of the links listed below.

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