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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to study well

How to study well

Grades can mean the difference between graduating and being left behind, between obtaining a well-paying job and getting only a minimum salary. To break this all, I will tell you how to study and have good grades.

  • What are your rules and regulations?: Since your study is very important, you must have certain rules governing your study such as:
    1) A timetable that contains all your subjects and their time.
    2) Decide not to turn on the radio or TV set while studying.
    3) Turn your handset on silent or vibration.
    4) Always have enough materials such as your exercise and textbooks, pens, pencils, calculator, and some handy papers.
    By doing so you will not be distracted by going to take any since they are now available.
  • Where do you study? : Where you study and the circumstances under which you study influence your study. Therefore, try studying in your room, library or any place free from noise and distraction. Use a desk or table with enough space to open your work.
  • Make a scale of preference: Since you must have decided the length of time to study, the next thing will be to make sure that each subject has a time limit to cover. Next is to choose which subject to tackle first. Which comes second and so forth in accordance of preference.
  • Don't force it: Don't force the study when you find yourself out of control or loosing focus because by doing so nothing will be achieved even if you read a full page. So take a break for a while and resume back as soon as you feel relief.
  • Have much trust in yourself : The difference between a good and a poor student usually has more to do with diligence than intelligence. Put your best and study well and you will make it as other students have been doing.

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