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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop someone from stealing

How to stop someone from stealing

Many people always argue about the issue of stealing in many perspectives. While others say the habit of stealing can’t be controlled, others conclude by saying anyone who steals was born a thieve.

But do you know that unlike love and hatred, stealing is also a habit? That is why when a child is born, the parents start controlling some of the child’s habit including the act of stealing. This therefore means that stealing is a habit and if you agree with me, it means that you can stop someone from stealing by changing certain aspects of his personality, right?

Stopping someone from stealing is not all about shouting or telling them stop stealing stop stealing, stealing is bad!! This approach won’t work best. Making someone stop stealing is nothing more that providing a substitute for him which am going to explain today in this article.

What do you think causes people to steal?

Do you know that they are many reasons that could cause someone to start stealing? But above all, one of the strongest of these factors is how we were brought up and in some cases, the kind of people we interact and make friends with.

For example, as concerns the infancy stage, if a child was brought up by parents who over pated him probably by providing everything for the child, he might grow up believing that he doesn’t need to labor in order to achieve anything in life. What happens if the parents decided to stop this habit or that their source of income collapsed?

The child will be left in the middle of nowhere and the probability that he will start peaking people’s items without their knowledge is very high. The parents never thought him to work, never thought him about the other coin of life.

Again, the people we come close to shape our habits in this respect. And that’s why when you know someone, you also know what his friends are, right. This is due to how people behave; people tend to make friends only with those who are similar to them (probably characters, life style, hobby etc.).

That is why if you look keenly, you will discover that honest and a honest person become friend, wise person to another, a bully and a bully etc. What if a person makes friend with any of these groups? Automatically the person becomes like them, as well as if he joins a bad group. Other factors that motivate this habit maybe the quest to get rich overnight, for prestigious reasons, the act of being lazy, lack of adequate working skills etc.

How to stop someone from stealing

In order to make someone stop stealing you have to go little deeper into his life and this can only be done when you’re close to the person. For instance, before you can make someone stop stealing, you must first try to understand the reason behind his act of stealing and not just the issue of stealing.

For example, if you discover that in most cases he usually steals money and buy cloths, then providing him with what he needs will end the habit. He will see no reason to steal since he has what he needs. This method works best with children and not for adult.

But with the case of an adult, if you find out that he usually steals money to obtain his needs, then, instead of providing him with his needs (money), find a good job for him. A guaranteed source of income. If he manages to earn a decent amount of money, he will definitely not see any reason of putting his life at risk of stealing others’ belongings.

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