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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make someone stop lying

How to make someone stop lying

During my coaching sessions I usually tell most of my related clients that unlike any other bad habit people experience, lying is also a habit triggered by the mind which can also be relinquished as well.

Though some of them usually find it hard and so linger the process, yet the good deal is that they usually end up breaking the habit.

When I first began going into personal development, one of the things I fathom about the human nature is that people harbor false habits not because they're bad people but because these habits tend to resonate with some aspects in their lives, even if the habit was very bad.

How to make someone stop lying

One way on how to make someone stop lying is first coming to an accurate knowledge about the certainty of this habit in them, only then can the process begins. During my school days I was very fun in lies telling and it wasn't easy for me to break the habit since I wasn't even conscious of it at all. But when I discovered it was growing into a habit, I was then able to relinquish it.

So one way to stop someone from lying is by making them become conscious only then can the change takes place. Don't spend the bulk of your time telling them "lies telling isn't good," that won't move an inch! Spend that time propping into their life styles and tackling the root cause rather.

In one of my articles Why do people lie?, I said that some people lie in order to project false reputations, others do so as stepping stones to attainment, while the last group lie for very trivial or no reason - they're gifted etc. This is because apart from innate people, the majority do so to confer some aim.

What about your patient, have you taken the time to spot out the reason behind his lies telling? If you've done that, it's time to start taking practical steps. For example, if you become aware that they lie in order to possess something they don't have etc., by providing this need will make them less tempted to lie at all. They won't see any other reason lying to achieve what they already possessed.

Breaking habit and making someone stop lying

Another way on how to make someone stop lying is by breaking the habit. It's not that easy living your life spotting others' lives or providing some kinds of unmet needs. Sometimes it's better showing them how to get what they lack than providing them with needs or lying for that matter. That's sounds mature.

Let's say they're using some false reputation to become popular or accepted by others, you won't really nail this situation better than breaking the habit.

In breaking this habit, show them the downside of lies. Let them know the truth will someday expose just like that. Make them understand the effect on them on the long run. Show them those who are down today because of lies etc. For how long can lies last before they're exposed? It's much easier going lies-free than living your entire life protecting some false reputations.

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