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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop lying

How to stop lying

I know some few dozen people who have wasted many years of their lives lying for no real value. Some have even lost greater opportunities in life because somewhere along the line they harbored lies.

If you ask questions on the effects of lies telling to people experimenting with lies most of them won't even attempt mentioning the odds. Some might even go as stating some good deeds they've conferred.

This is because they really don't want to face reality. The truth is that the downside of this habit is way too far than what it can do and that's why it's important you learn how to stop lying.

How to stop lying

One of the reasons why people lie is because they spend their time living other people's lives - caring much as to what people will think and say about them. If you must learn how to stop lying, you must limit yourself from people's thoughts.

After all, when you keep up to your real you some people will ostracize and talk about you for daring. If you want to go in congruent with these people, you'll be ditching another set of people who only take part when you're projecting lies or some false identity.

Whether you tell the truth or not people are still entitled to think whatever fits in their minds, so which way are you taking? I'd prefer to stop lying and say the truth. At least it's better for people to talk when it's even the truth and maintain the reputation Im bearing.

Switch associates if that's what it's going to take

Sometimes the people we associate with stimulate and foster the lying habit. If you happen to find yourself in this realm, then in order on how to stop lying you must learn to limit the connecting link.

During my university days, I was very good in lying and this habit hit me in relationship matters with my few dozen girlfriends. Due to their luxurious nature I was sometimes compelled to create imaginary thought and project it to them as real through the help of lies. At least, it helped raised my qualities but not compared to the catastrophe it later brought. You can see it here.

I soon became consciously aware that my lying habit surged from them and eventually I denounced the relationships and so had no other reason why i should use any cover. I went lie-free happily!

The downside of lying

Another way on how to stop lying is by becoming conscious of the other coin of lies. In the short run you may think that it helps but what's the benefit of it when in the long run it flings some accumulated problems when the truth becomes clear?

During my lies tortured days, I live my life trying to defend my false reputation, eventually my girls began discovering the real me. I was clouded with shame and guilt to the extent that I expelled and switched to another state university where I finally graduated.

As indicated in this article, when i finally got over this habit, I started experiencing and seeing the meaning of life where lies and deceits were absent.

So, for you to learn how to stop lying you must limit yourself from people who don't encourage and foster truth while keeping a deaf ear to people's beliefs. The essence of life isn't to maximize fantasies but maximizing your real you.

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