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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you

How to stop loving someone you can't have

When I talk about this topic, I am talking nothing but circumstances where it’s certain there’s no way you can get him back despite all the struggles. And that’s exactly one of the reasons I decided to write this topic because I know they are many people out there who are still struggling getting over breakup.

In this article, I am going to explain to you why many people find it hard forgetting the ones they loved and how you can stop loving someone who doesn’t love you in return, right? But before I do that, I will first let you know some of the things that make the healing process difficult for others.

What hinders some people from stop loving their victim?

I always said in most of my recovery articles that the reasons most people face difficulties after breakup is that they don’t accept occurrence, they do just the opposite and follow wrong procedures and expect to see quick recovery. For example, when trying to get over someone, some people do funny things like saying I can’t live without him, reading the old text massages, expecting a call, expecting apology from their victim. All these give expectation which tend to hinder them.

In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained in details how having just 1% hope of your partner or the relationship tends to hinder the whole recovery process. Recovery only happens when there is totally no hope of the relationship only then can the subconscious mind get over it.

How to stop loving someone you can’t have

In order to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you, you must first start from the mind’s level and this is nothing more than stop visualizing with the person. This can only be effective when you stop thinking of him. This therefore implies that, you forget about all the old memories and how can this be done?

It’s very simple! Take everything that belongs to him and return them or dump them somewhere. But in most of my coaching sessions, I always tell my students to burn all the pictures, delete their contact numbers, delete all the mails and emails. The essence behind this is to lose hope of the person or the relationship.

The human mind works in a certain pattern, if it noticed that there is no possibility of reaching the person, it lost hope thereby giving you the chance to stop loving them as well.

Start visualizing his or her fault

This process is the opposite of the above mentioned only that, you will in return think of them but from the negative point of view. When trying to love someone who doesn’t love you back, to certain extend, you just have to let it go but the problem now will be on how to forget him or her.

In this case, all you have to do is very simple. Start thinking and believing in their mistakes. Think of all the stress you have passed through because of him, the problems you faced because of him, all what you’ve lost. By the time you attribute all these to him, you will jump from trying to stop loving him to hating him for all what you passed through.

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