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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop loving someone

How to stop loving someone you don't love

One of the biggest mistakes many people usually do when trying to stop loving someone or forget their loved victims is that they usually apply just the wrong methods. For instance, in order to stop loving someone they have to possibly avoid every links and contacts of the person as this is the reverse with them; they continue associating and keep answering phone calls from them and expect to get healed within the shortest time.

I usually tell my clients during counseling seasons that everything we perceived or experienced in life is being stored in our subconscious minds if not in the form of thought, it will be in the form of picture and whenever something matches it, we automatically start reflecting on the origins of it. Now, what if you were trying to forget or stop loving someone and then see the person, what happens next? You will realize that the whole recovery process starts all over again, right?

This equally means that if you stop mailing them, stop sending texts, stop going where they usually recite, start avoiding their friends, stop accepting invitations from them, within the shortest time, you will forget about them thereby making way for the recovery process. The book 'Getting over your ex in few days' expalains in gradual process with step-by-step examples how you can reverse any breakup in just few days.

This is how to stop loving someone

One of the methods which has really worked out well to the majority of people is the open confrontation method. Open confrontation method is simply the process by which you tell your victim straight in the face that you don’t love them and nothing can be done about it. When you tell them this, their subconscious minds believe it since it came from a trusted source which is you. From here, the level at which they persuade you will dramatically decreased if not stopped immediately.

In one of my articles, how to fall in love with someone, I explained that telling someone in the face that "I love you" will result in your mind believing that you love the person but here is the reverse. If you can manage to tell the person directly that you don't love him/her and you have nothing in common, your subconscious mind will not only accept the fact that you don’t love them but will also starts the recovering process.

Another approach that works well is to develop negative feelings for them. I know you may be wondering how possible that but be rest assured that it’s easy. Start thinking of their faults, think of their negative natures, their bad habits, all what they put you through, the level of progress you would have achieved without them around you etc.

If you once in a while occupied your mind with such thoughts sooner or later you will not only stop loving them but you’ll develop hatred for them as a result of all what you went through for them.

Your subconscious mind must believe the process

You can’t stop loving someone when your subconscious mind doesn’t believe, so the only way to make your mind believe the process is by realizing that you two were not meant for each other. The sooner you give him/her up, the sooner you can find yourself another soul mate.

Before doing that, you have to get rid of all the memories of him/her and keep away from all the stuffs that remind you of your ex like contact numbers, SMS, letters, pictures, cards, and avoid mentioning his/her name to others. Even in conversations with friends, avoid topics concerning them.

Organize many things as possible in your social life, the more you can get yourself involve in other things, the more you will have no time for them. If you still feel upset about the past relationship, then see this article how to forget someone you love.

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