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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to get over the habit of comparison

Have you ever felt inferior about yourself after looking at someone? While this question may come to you as some kind of surprise, still people who are suffering from low self-confidence know about this better. Although they might not know the main reason behind this sudden weird feeling, still, at the same time, they equally know something is wrong with them during the process.

The obvious question behind this should be; why should someone feel bad about his/herself after seeing someone? There are many reasons behind this but the majority of people suffer from this as a result of inferiority complex.

This doesn’t necessarily meant that they are not that attractive, but based on how they perceive others that make their subconscious mind retaliate in return of the signal they sent.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

In most of my self-confident articles, I always say that one of the main reason people quickly lose their self-confidence is when they put other people’s views and opinions ahead of theirs and the same thing happens when trying to compare yourself to others.

When you take the habit of determining your strength, ability or skills by making comparison with other people, the tendency that you will be defeated is very high. This is because in most cases, many people tend to compare but their weaknesses and flaws with others and in return, when they are self-defeated, they tend to develop weird feelings.

In one of my articles, 'How to build self-confidence', I explained how because of lack of self-confidence, people make inaccurate decisions and tend to perceive people from a wrong lens.

Start by developing your inner-self

In order to stop comparing yourself with others, you have to develop your inner-self and this is nothing more than making sure that you possess the necessary criteria that make you contented with yourself. For example, if you realised that your habit of making comparison is as a result of doubting your looks, then by working on your facial features, doing makeups, dressing decently, doing some sports or following a diet will certainly help overcome this habit.

These are some of the ways to overcome this habit of comparison. This is because when you feel worthy of yourself, you equally tend to see no reason comparing yourself with others since you know your worth and strength, right?

The dark side of self-comparison

In order to stop comparing yourself to others, you have to also realise that there are many dark sides as a result of this. Everybody respected David in school because; prior to the fact the he was intelligent, he was also extremely confident about himself. During debates, sports etc., he usually represents the class.

One day, David received a critical comment from his classmate, Dan. He made David believed he was not qualify for the class post better than himself and so Dan went home and was feeling bad about himself and the next day he resigned school activities. What do you think made him resigned?

The answer is simple! He went home and was comparing himself with Dan and this shaken his self-confidence. He tends to believe that Dan was better than himself and so he resigned.

Make comparison the right way

This article is in no way discouraging the fact that you shouldn’t compare but don’t do it the wrong way. If you make comparison the right way, you stand a better chance of improving certain criteria about yourself.

This simply means that, when we compare with others, we do it in order to improve on our part and so, you have to do it just for the right reason, right?

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