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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to start a website without paying money

How to start a website without paying money

Is it possible to start a blog or a website without paying a penny? This question may wonder many people because of the false believe the majority of them already have; that in order to start a website, one must spend money for it.

This is what most of them believe but for the fact that they believe it doesn’t mean that their beliefs are correct. If they never managed to see anyone who started a blog or website without paying money, today, I want to let them know that I am one of those people who started for free without paying any money to anyone for anything.

Today, I am going to be showing you some of the ways in order to start a website without paying money and not only that, but how to succeed with it without paying any money for marketing.

How to start a website without paying money

Remember that the methods I am talking about here are for those still starting or still wondering the certainty of online businesses.

So these methods below are some of the nicest ways to try or start your own website without spending anything until when you are now sure of what you’re doing before any further investment, right?

  • Start with free domain name: Although there are some advantages that come with paid domain names, still, a free domain name is the best for someone still starting or wanting to try without investing any money. One of the advantages of free domain names is that they don’t expire as long as you keep updating the site. There are many websites offering them online penniless. But for a dropdown list of them, you can Google it but I recommend Blogger,, Wordpress because I know of them better and i have also tested all of them and they worked pretty well for me.
  • No need for hosting: One of the ways by which you can start a website without paying anything is that these free services will never ask you to pay for hosting. This is because, once your free account is created with them, they provide you with a free lifetime hosting. Although they usually give unlimited space (100-400mb), still, as a new comer, this is really enough to start with.
  • Nothing paid for designing: If you can start a website without paying money for designing, isn’t that free? Of course!! This is so because everything thing is done by them. All of them offer a good number of professional designed templates for you to choose from and they will never charge you anything for using them. Isn’t that free?
  • Additional benefits: If you decide to use Blogger, you have so much advantage of your site to appear on Google search engine results. This is because Blogger is owned and managed by Google and so, they try to encourage others by implementing this approach. Also, with blogger, you will also have the advantage of connecting with other bloggers like yourself.

How to start a website without paying money

As you can see, making or starting a website is completely free and easy if you want to. All you have to do is to practically apply the steps as stated above.

Once that is done, the next step will be on how to start processing money from your website and to almost all website owners, this is some kind of end to their limit.

Not the end that they won’t have to work again but because, in almost all cases, this is one of the most important reasons behind starting a website to many online bloggers or webmasters.

So they usually consider making money as the limit or some kind of end to their desires when their sites start generating income. So, why not you?

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