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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to solve problems

How to solve problems

During most of my local couching seasons I usually tell my clients that part of life is handling problems and trying to escape is awful; it would just be as trying to escape from life.

The issue of how to solve problems comes in because no matter how hard one may try to avoid them, tiny problems will still sneak in.

That's why today, I'll be explaining some of the methods by which you can solve problems without having to contact experts or incur some kind of bills except when necessary.

I'm not insinuating they're going to work 100% for you, still the methods work pretty well for me and I'm still applying them.

This is how to solve problems

  • Try avoiding them: You can't escape problems totally but still, you can avoid those that you can. The reason why problems hit people from all angles is rooted down on free lifestyle coupled with carelessness. Why would you be friend with a problem-prone and when he gets you into trouble, you start cursing the world? Why not make things easier by avoid things that are problem friendly?
  • Accept the fact: The reason some problems become tense is that, when they sneak, some people deny that they have problems to solve. They don't respond to them since they believe they have no problem. So, the second step on how to solve problems isn't to deny the fact but accepting it. By knowing that you have things to do, gives you the strength to respond back.
  • Don't pile them: Problems grow bigger when they're accumulated. I happened to be less troubled in life because once I identify one, I don't wait to later. When you procrastinate your problems, you only make them bigger and tense.
  • Face them squarely: In order to solve problems you must learn to face them squarely. Problems are nothing to be feared. Summon the courage and take conscious steps. Forget the fact that you can shift it to others or that someone can help. Instead of wasting this time, why not just go ahead and see what you can do?
  • Seek experts: There are certain problems that you'll solve and those that you can't seek experts' help. When i was about to launch this website i knew only HTML but was lacking in other areas. I would have learnt them but doing that would have taken much of my time so i hired programmers and those areas were tackled. What about yours, is there anyone who can help? Seek their support.
  • Failure is no problem: When tackling a problem forget if you're going to fail - look just the positive side. Even those who succeeded in life first failed many times and why not you? So this part is normal.

Final say on how to solve problems

Solving your problems is nothing difficult. The reason why people get stuck is rooted on false beliefs, fears and insecurity. These aren't what should be in your mind when confronting challenges.

All you need to do is to summon courage couple with the advices above and you'll certainly do it.

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