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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to rise again after falling

How to rise again after falling

Unlike any other thing, life has its ups and down times. That's why it's normal for someone to be at the top and soon falls back.

This part of life is fair enough. What isn't fair is when someone falls and unable to rise again or that you fall, remained broken and spend and start spending much time daydreaming or visualizing about some weird things.

Why do people feel bad after falling

The reason many people feel bad after falling boils down on fear and insecurity to rise again. These facts have been the main cause for many people's permanent situations. Some tend to divert their lives in alcohol, while others completely lose hope, while the last group resort in suicide.

If you look deeper, you'll see that the origin of these habits originated due to social programming and the quest to remained tough in the eyes of others. Without realizing any more, they tend to use hideous means to relief the thoughts. Life is continues anyways. If they were wise, they'd have known that even in businesses normal people (small size) grow to become famous while famous ones also fall to become normal but life continues.

How to rise again after falling

After graduation i needed to secure a steady source of income and working for the government wasn't my style. So it didn't take that long before I dived straight to business. During my very few years i was doing tremendously well and this encouraged me to extend the business.

It didn't take that long before i started experiencing down times and no profit to show for and finally, I lost everything and even had to sell my car. I spent about three years of my life lifespan penniless and most of the support i got came from friends, brothers and relatives.

To certain extent i believed I had mourned enough and so I began taking conscious steps. It then gave me the ability to redirect my thoughts away from business to something else since i had no money. I began studying personal development and reading dozens of books while learning programming.

It didn't take that long and the website (this one) became popular. I started making some few dollars and it continued increasing like that. When i look at my past i laugh because i now earn something three times what i was making.

My life experience only means that when you fall after rising, it doesn't mean the end time has come. It could be interpreted as a way to spot out your mistakes and others. When you fall after rising all you need is just some time to get a cool head and start thinking of what to do next.

During the process try out many things, switch careers, try other lines etc. Let's say you failed the final exam and it makes you feel bad, if you can't take it over in same school, you can still do that in another. Same as in business. If you can't start all over just switch to something else and that's what i did.

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