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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to recover from breakups

How to recover from breakups fast

In the past, breakups linger when we had no clue as to why we fall in love and why breakups occur. However, today, it takes less than 14days to fully recover from breakup if you don't do what you ought not to.

It’s normal to feel hurt at some point, still what is not normal is when the feelings grow uncontrollable.

This is what I'm going to be addressing in this article; how to recover from breakups, unwanted feelings and unwanted thoughts.

In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I explained how unwanted feelings and thoughts constitute to linger the recovery process and how you can use them to get over your victim

How to recover from breakups

False beliefs about the one or soul mate is when someone sees his partner as the only match existing. This practice is less than 1% good and the down time is just too heavy.

In one of my Coaching sessions I met a lady struggling on how to recover from breakups and when I when deep, It was certain that her problem wasn't really how to recover but that her man was the one for her. When i noticed this it didn't take uptill 45mins and she started feeling better again.

So one way on how to recover from breakups is to forget about "the one/soul mate" concept. Rather, call some good friends, go hangout, visit public gathering, honour invitations etc. During this period, you may come to meet new people and may certainly come to realize that he/she was neither the only one or the most beautiful/handsome else everyone would have been running after them.

Eliminate relationship dependency

Relationship dependency is when someone tents to find much comfort in a relationship not necessarilly for love sake but for other things or self-interest.

The downside of this habit only hit the mark if break strikes. This is the core where such people unhappily return to their previous state of life but this time, heart broken. This affect them not because they missed their partners but because they've lost their sources of strenth/prestige/support.

That's why when I'm confronted with cases duriung my Coaching sessions, I usually start by caution them that while depending on their partners, they should also try to be self-independent so that during downtimes, they’ll be fine.

So in order to get over breakup, you must try to become self-dependent. Just reflect to see the purpose your ex in your life, then try to spot out where in your life and why you needed them.

For example, if you discovered that he/she was a friend, then getting another friend will make you recover from the breakup. If you discovered that he/she was a source of finance, getting a good job or setting up a small business will let you recover from the breakup. If you noticed that he/she was a lover, strive for another partner will let you forget about them.

Any area where you realize the problem is coming, tackle it and within the shortest time, you'll totally recover from the breakup since you'll no longer need their presence.

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