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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to prove yourself right

How to prove your goals to others

I'm not talking on proving yourself right in debates or arguments but how you can prove your belief or goal to others.

Sometimes we get stuck somewhere along the line due to criticisms and rejection from people not seeing through our own lens but based on their own mindsets.

That's why in order to succeed in certain situations you must learn how to prove yourself right so you can get a smooth passage.

How to prove yourself right and others wrong

In order to prove yourself right or your goals, you must first believe in it and have a complete workable procedure to arrive the goal. Let’s say people believe that surviving in your career choice is almost difficult and so you become a laughing stock.

In this case, proving yourself right starts by showing them how easy it is to survive. Show them workable and step-by-step procedure to reach the goal in no time.

I got double certificates (O/L and A/L) in just two years, something which would have taken seven years academically. When i was about to begin most of the comments i got from people were just the exact opposites of my beliefs.

For example, some people told me I won’t succeed and others said no one did it before while the third group said those who even dared failed. These threads were sufficient enough to change the minds of the majority of people but they didn't even influence me one bit because i had my plan and how to do it.

I couldn't explain it to everyone but those that i did (how i was going to do) believed and began seeing from my own lens.

Explain the better side of it

In most cases, people tend to oppose you when they're unable to see the outcome/benefit of your goals/plans. Let’s say you're trying to prove yourself right by letting others know that your career is the right choice.

What comes next to their minds is how this career is going to make you rich, live a better life, make your family happy, guarantee the future etc.

When they fail to see some aspects of these, they tend to like hamper your peace. This is the point at which you prove yourself right by clearing their doubts.

Whatever people are trying to make you wrong, you always appear to be right by straightening things they didn't know or understand.

Draw allusion

What if you told someone that you want to complete college and high school in just two years, would he not doubt you? But what if you start showing people who did it successfully, would he not start believing you can do it as well?

Sometimes, in order to prove yourself right, you must quote examples of people who did it successfully, even those who did something worse yet went through successfully.

Proving yourself right is nothing more than having a plan and a workable procedures. If managed to explain this process when faced with critical comments, you'll always prove yourself right in front of your opposition.

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