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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to prepare for a date

How can I prepare for a date?

Almost everyone is totally conscious of the fact that dating occurs between a male and a female but what many people really don’t know is that; how you behave and interact on a first date is likely going to keep a lasting impression about you forever.

That’s why the first date is very important because based on your interaction on the first meeting, the other person is likely to easily predict who you are, what you like doing, your purpose of the relationship, your personality, your background etc. So, in order to be on the safer side, you have to prepare it in advance, and the only way you can do this is by learning how to prepare for a date.

One thing that shouldn’t go off your mind is that; how you’re going to behave or perform around is likely going to explain many things about you to your date and vice versa. These include many positive and negative things. But in this article today, I’d be talking only on the positive signals that you’re going to send in order for your date to interpret you based on the positive signals while avoiding the negatives, right?

How to prepare for a date

Preparing for a successful date is nothing more than considering certain factors ahead of time. This process is very necessary in order that you don't send out the wrong impression about yourself and your background.

You have to play your part well in order to send out the right impression. Below are some guidelines that will act as some kind of support in making your date successful. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how you can send out certain good impressions in the mind of your victim in order to make him/her finds you very attractive for the first time without doing much.

  • Consider what to wear: It’s normal to dress as you wish to visit an old friend but the reverse is different when going for a date (especially the first date). Since every occasion requires its own style of dressing, that's why we have many kinds of dresses. I know it could be somehow difficult to be selective on what to wear that matches the circumstance. But if you can’t be that selective, just ask/call some experienced or good friends to help make that choice for you. Based on psychology, how you dress tells other people how you feel about yourself. So, dress accordingly.
  • Keep your sight features attractive: They’re some people who get attracted to others based on inner qualities, while the second group of people get attracted based on sight attraction such as hair style, facial features, your talking habit, your finger nails etc. If you date happened to fall among the second group, the probably that he/she would be impressed if you keep these criteria attractive is very high thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Plan a public date: Won't it be wise to plan your date in a public gathering if it's your first date? Usually going on a first date is to know each other better and not necessarily romantic meeting. You can choose a restaurant, mall, club, or anywhere suitable. This is just some kind of further step avoiding romantic torture just the first time.
  • Limit yourself on general topics: When we’re about going for an interview we start being nervous and the same thing happens when going on a date. In order to carry out a successful date you must avoid those topics that make your date feel like an interview. Before going think of topics that will make your date feel comfortable. You can do this by doing some research or coming up with latest happenings/vibes in town and talk about that. This way your date will know what you’re talking about and will be impressed to involve fluently in your conversation. Imagine someone talking trash, how would you feel? You’d certainly freak out, right? And that’s what we’re trying to avoid.
  • Don’t rely on your date: In order to deny dependency or relying on your date, you must appear to be responsible. It’s never too good to depend on a person you’ve never met for financial expenses. Budgeting your own money let you avoid any form of embarrassment. Depending on your date for the very first time really sucks. He might be saying something like this: “Oh my God, she’s financially broke! Even taxi fair, she couldn’t.” No one would like to tolerate this, right? So, always budget even what you really don’t know.

Final say on how to prepare for a date

As you can see, going for a date isn’t the problem but what matters is how to prepare for it. By following the above steps, your date won’t only be successful but you‘d also send the right signals about yourself as well.

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