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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to overcome inferiority complex

How to overcome inferiority complex

Some people believe inferiority complex is one of those habits which can't be combated. I'd agree with them if they were saying it's somehow tense compared to other habits but not in their notion of impossibilities.

If you've ever overcome a certain habit, then overcoming inferiority complex is nothing different. Unlike any other habit, inferiority complex is just another habit people harbor which has its cures as well.

I don't consider anything to be impossible if it's optimally necessary and same thing with habits. This is no joke because I've also felt inferior in the past but this is not how I feel today.

How to overcome inferiority complex

In my previous article What causes inferiority complex?, I said that inferiority complex is nothing more than the thoughts we harbor on certain qualities about us. No one was born inferior and the notion of inferiority surged when people started seeing others as more superior than themselves. Ask me, I'm the most superior person!

Most people quickly get offended when they receive criticism especially if it targets their looks. This doesn't have to move you one bit, it doesn't even have to! People say anything if only it's going to yield some fruitful result that's why people suffering from jealousy and poor self-esteem are more likely to criticize anyone in order to feel superior.

So why should you get moved if someone says some hideous things about you? That's weird! What if the intention was fostered by jealousy and you go feeling weird about yourself? What if they were even wrong in the first place? One way on how to overcome inferiority complex is by giving a deaf eyes to people's wordings especially those who don't even know your personality.

Tackling it once and for all

People who rarely overcome inferiority complex happens to be facing it from unknown source. But if you happened to know why you're feeling this way, it's time to plug the roots. Few years after graduation, I opened cosmetics and provision stores. With lack of sufficient business skills, it didn't take five years before i lost all my money and went completely broke for the next three years.

I began experiencing some feelings of inferiority complex especially around my business colleagues and associates. Sometimes it feels like refusing when they take the lead in sponsoring in most outings. After languishing in penury under such conditions, I decided to switch my reality.

I then went into personal development, and to fully achieve my goals, I founded this site ( After two years of existence, I started earning something two times what I was making in my previous business. I changed my reality and cleaned my mess and was able to sit and converse comfortably with the same people I once feel inferior among them.

So what about you, how is this habit targeting you? Whatever you spot start taking actions today. Let's say you realized that you're a shy person, come out of your shell and start going out, forget what people will say, learn to greet others and initiate a conversation. The same thing happens if it's your appearance; start doing make ups if necessary, dress how you'll want others to feel about you, lose weight if possible etc. Just target any area you spot.

Sometimes things are better the way they are

Let's say you'll feeling inferior among normal people because you're physically defected, you can't go back to correct that but you can just face facts by letting it go like that. Let's say you had an accident that cost you one of your legs, in this case you really can't do anything other than giving a deaf eye on how people are going to relate to you and letting it go like that. That's fair enough.

Not every situation is under our control and sometimes things are better left the way they are. This was the concept I adapted during my 3-year trial. I embraced my fate like an illness without a cure and so I was very contented and even had the chance of associating with colleagues and others without feeling a sense inferiority.

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