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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself

Motivating yourself isn't hard as many people define it. It's not something which can't be done nor something which people aren't doing.

In fact, it's just part of others as they sometimes become motivated with realizing it.

Today, I'm going to be showing you some of the easiest ways on how to motivate yourself in order to meet up with certain tasks - especially those important ones.

The process isn't difficult at all. It's something totally applicable if one demands self-control.

How to motivate yourself

One of the easiest ways i happen to use when increasing my self-motivation is quitting certain people around me. This is because in most instances we become reluctant not by intention but based on programming from others.

For instance, you may want to do something and someone says 'Oh, that's weird!' Those words maybe small but sufficient enough to pull you back.

when I was about to launch this website, many people told me to forget about the plans and look somewhere else. Some even made me believed nobody will read the articles. At that moment, the threats destroyed every bit of motivation in me.

But not that long I regained consciousness and gave a little gap between them and myself. So I decided to proceed anyways with my plans and finally I did it.

This equally means that if you can't be motivated, start considering those around you - how are they encouraging? What are their views? Do they care?

Involve in what you enjoy

During my coaching seasons, I happen to come across people suffering from self-motivation. Most of them happened to be lacking in this area highly due to involving in activities outside their comfort zones.

For example, you might not be motivated to go to work or even to work if you never like your job. Do you think you can be motivated even if you apply the best method on earth? The same thing happens with someone trying to motivate himself with empty words. It just never worked.

Before you can get motivated you must first enjoy it. If it's something you rarely enjoy yet you must motivate yourself, start eliminating any limiting habit that's pulling you behind. This is because the reason why we don't enjoy certain things is because one of our beliefs is conflicting.

Start taking actions today

In order to motivate yourself, you must learn to start taking actions. Let's say with the above case, if you discovered that the problem is that, the people you associate with are the main reason behind it, why not just a gap - at least for a while?

Although we need others to succeed, at times we also need them away to survive. Motivating yourself is nothing more sorting why you're not motivated and take instant actions.

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