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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to motivate someone

How to motivate someone

Many times we get stuck in very trivial issues. We get stuck somewhere along the line not because we didn't know what to do but because we didn't know how to do it.

Motivating people happens to be one of those things which many people tend to be lacking because each target is different.

That's why motivating people tend to be somehow tedious because what impresses the first group might not impress the second.

For example, you can't use your few dollars to motivate a rich man. You'll certainly not succeed because he's not running short of that.

But what if you met but a hungry man, would your few dollars not motivate him? It will because he's in need of that.

Why some people fail to motivate others

The reason the majority of people usually fail to motivate someone is because they never take the time to understand their victims nor what can impress them.

Unlike any other life task, motivation someone has its principles which you must follow.

Motivating someone goes with clear understanding of the person's unmet needs and appear to target.

Below are some of the ways you can use to motivate someone. Forget about visualizing or thinking, just apply them practically.

How to motivate someone

In motivate someone, first understand where he's lacking else you'll blonder somewhere along the line. With the case of the rich man above, you won't motivate him with your few dollars but he can still be motivated with the fear of going bankrupt. So the whole thing is understanding where the person is lacking and target that area.

If you're targeting a group of small people don't bother doing that in group. Avoid that since everyone is unique. It would be better to motivate them individually and the same thing happens if he's your friend, colleague, neighbor or lover.

Try to first understand them. If you can't just try talking to them and when you're sure that certain things can motivate them before shooting.

How to motivate someone you don't know

What if you don't know the person? what if getting around him is difficult? What if he's ok but you just like motivating him? in this case using general principles will do it.

For example if you were doing something and I appreciate your effort, would that not motivate you to do better? What if I decided to help or give some directives, would you not be fully motivated? You'll certain be, right?

So motivating someone you know or not can be nothing more than knowing where he's lacking or by sharing in his activity or by just complimenting his efforts.

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