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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to market a website through search engines

Search engines marketing

Have you ever thought why some people managed to survive in the world of online while others are just the exact opposite?
Have you ever thought why some people quickly become famous online while others take years to do same?

In almost every case of online successes or failures, if you go deep down, you will as well discover that it all boils down on how and the rate at which they take to create public awareness of their websites.

So, the manner and form in which people often take to market their websites also determines how it’s going to be rated when marketing is concerned.

Today in this article, I am going to explain and show you how you can drive high traffic to your website without doing much. And the method am going to explain in this article is how to market a website through search engines.

How to market a website through search engines

Below are some of the easiest ways to market your website through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Aol. Before I go on, remember that all these methods are workable and have been tested to be true.

  • Follow search engines policies: Almost all search engines have their terms and policies under which they accept and add new websites to their directories. Although, these policies may be somehow different among these search engines, one thing which is common is that; they all say almost one thing. So, in order to market your website through search engines, it’s highly advisable to read through their terms and policies before submitting.
  • Create useful contents: For you to successfully achieve high search engine results or rank well in search engines database, you must first of all create useful contents. At least something which may attract people’s attention and search engines as well know this. Although search engines are some kind of robots, still, they are well programmed to check on this before ranking your website. Even if you managed to deceive Search engine robots (which is impossible), still, you will have very little or no traffic since people will always land and bounce out immediately they see no useful material.
  • Look for attractive titles: Why is it that when you search for a particular keyword you don’t click on every search result you get but only on certain ones and ignore the others? It has to do with how the title caught your attention, right? Now, what about you? What kind of title do you have? In order to market a website through search engines, you must title your contents with attractive and meaningful titles, ok?
  • Key word stuffing: One of the best ways to market a website through search engines is by stuffing your content with the major keywords in it. Remember that robot is not a person and so this is how it ranks sites in their result. For example, the title of your article is ‘How to market a website through search engines’, you will make sure that in the body of your content, you have words like market, search engines, how to, etc. as I have done in this article.
  • Submit your site: This step comes last since it is the final step. This step alone cannot work best without the configuration of the above mentioned. I am supposing that by now your site must have already gone through those mentioned and so, it’s now time to submit it to search engines. Here is a link to submit it to Google. For a complete links to other search engines, you can just Google ‘Search engine submission’ and you will get a good number.

Final words about marketing your site

As you can see, marketing your website through search engine is not something which cannot be done or thought by anyone.

All you need to do is to follow the above steps as mentioned and before some few weeks, you will discover this in the form of traffic.

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