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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make use of your time

How to make use of your time

Do you know that one of the main reasons why people fail to achieve their goals in life is because of inaccurate use of their time? There are many fast goals in a person’s life, which before one achieves them, he or she must first make time management.

Ask any successful person the secret of his successes (if you ever manage to meet one) and he will start by telling you something like this, "I never allowed myself to be influenced by others, but my objective in life, so I try to make every use of my time". And the same thing happens with achieving your goals

Why do some people failed to make use of their time?

Most of the time, people fail to make accurate management of their time. In many cases, this happens when they don’t have goals for their selves. One can only make use of time when he or she has set a goal for their selves and that’s why some people failed when they try to make use of time without having an appealing objective.

When you have no real purpose, you will realize that you have no compelling reason to work on your time management skills. You might get motivated every now and then, but your motivation to improve your time management still fails.

One of my friends used to face this problem in the past. Every evening, we usually blog together and when we finally separated from town, each of us had to continue blogging independently, but not too long he stopped or hardly be seen online during our arranged time. When I inquired, he told me he always wanted to blog but each time he starts, his friends or relatives had to distract him one way or another and sometimes, they even had to invite him somewhere.

I guess the reasons he never concentrated is highly because he never define what was important to him between these alternatives (work and pleasure). At the same time, one can still conclude that he believes in pleasure before work, right? If not he would have scheduled himself and decided that during this time, I wouldn’t want to be disturbed and before he knows, everyone will understand that as well.

How to make use of your time

In order to accurately make use of your time, you must first schedule yourself. Just as you schedule your working period, school time, rest etc., the same applies for anything you consider as important. Scheduling yourself is nothing more than setting specific time and duration every day in your life depending on the nature of your plans.

The next thing is that, when you set them, you have to be resistant to distraction and their various forms. If you think what you are doing is important, then, during this period, turn off your phone, make them know you are usually busy from time A to time B. If you manage to do that, before you know they will understand and won’t have to bother you.

When I first started this website, one of the difficulties I faced was with my friends. In order for me to concentrate, I set three hours every day to work on the site. During this period, they usually come to hang around with me, but when I say no, they never understood me because that’s not how it used to be. It may be difficult to do, but I did it and today, the site is successful that they now understood what I was only trying to do and so, we are now the best of friends.

If you see what you want to do as important, you will do the same, ok? People can wait, your friends can wait, your boss can wait etc. Although it’s certain there’s always a penalty, but you have to compare two things: The penalty and the benefits of your goals. In most cases, people will prefer their goals and pay the penalty for socially unavailable and that’s fair enough, right?

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