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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make time pass quickly

How to make time pass quickly

At times, we just wish time passes quickly. In many cases this happens when we are eager for the future occurrence. It’s true that when we are hoping for the future events, we tend to wish our time to pass quickly.

When people are eager to get what they want, they tend to be against time speed and the reverse of this statement is true. But before I let you understand how to make time pass quickly, I will first let you know why at certain period, time doesn’t fly as we may wish.

Why does not time pass quickly?

Have you ever realized that all happy moments usually end very short while boring periods seem to last very long?

I believe all of us have seen that, right? But one thing that some of us don’t really understand is that time rate does not speed or less, it’s the state of our mind and the circumstances that influence our mind as to define time rate as being fast or slow after the occurrence.

For example, a lonely person in his room cannot compare the speed of time to someone over there languishing in a club sharing some happy moments with his friends. These two people see time from different perspectives based on their present state of mind and their circumstances they are into.

We can therefore conclude that time does pass quickly when you are under a boring situation.

How to make time pass quickly

One of the ways by which you can make time pass quickly is by keeping yourself busy and this is nothing more than engaging in the present things you like. For example, when I am feeling bore or wish time pass fast, I just walk up to my laptop and keep myself busy anyway I can.

In some instances, I pick up my pencil and start writing articles and before I know, my time is almost over and that is what I do to get over this concept of time passing. Sometimes, I just sit on the veranda while listening to my favorite music and watch the activities of other people.

I centered my mind on what they’re doing, what they could possibly be going to, and sometimes, I even imagine what they might be discussing. I know it may sound weird but finally the time passed just like that

You don’t necessarily need to do what I did in order to make your time pass but there are other ways in which you can still do it, right? Whenever you want your time to pass quickly, just look around and see what you can focus on for the moment.

If that doesn’t work out well, go out and visit any good friend and there, you’ll be possibly entertained and before you know, you will be against time. To cut this short, before you can make your time pass, you must first distract your mind any way you can by entertaining yourself.

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