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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make someone want you back after breakup

How to attract your boyfriend/girlfriend after breakup

Making someone want you back after break up is completely free and easy procedure since you have a complete mastery of him. That is, his likes and dislikes and this is nothing more than identifying certain things about his recent behavior, the main cause of the breakup and on the other hand, appearing to behave as noting happened if it was his fault.

The process behind this seems to be logical in the sense that: Most of them will prefer to see their partners mad at them after breakups. Therefore, by behaving in such manner he will feel jealous and as a result make a move to resolve it. If he does not make a move, he will be vulnerable to accept any commend coming from your side.

The book How to attract your ex back in few days explains in details the gradual process with step-by-step examples how you can attract your ex partner in just few days without wasting much time nor some kind of weird assignments.

How to make someone want you back after break up

Below are some recommended tips that will act as some kind of strategy in making someone want you back after breakup. The more you apply them, the greater your chances:

The first thing is to entirely recover. This does not mean packing on the pounds, chocolate after chocolate. Making yourself, fat will only bring your confidence down. Instead, focus on what makes you most happy without him and on the other hand, what you can do to improve your looks.

Whenever you see him, do talk and smile back at him. The sense behind this is to let him understand that you hold no personal grief against him. If he acts rude, or tells you to move on, then he isn't worth it. Flirt some, but not like you did to get him before your relationship.

Try to program his mind by making him remember all the good things you have shared and done together in the past. In this way, you will indirectly leave him with an impression to always think of you wherever he is.

Be carefree and behave as you were when he first fell in love with you. Don't be too clingy because he will be forced to believe you are desperate to get back with him. Just look like you're having fun, this will make him jealous. This is so because the majority of guys will always like to see their girls upset after dumping or breaking up with them.

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