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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make people trust in you

How to make people believe in you

Have you noticed that many times in life people failed to achieve their objectives as a result of lack of trust? This issue is common in many parts and fields of life, even among friends, it happens. I remember when one of my readers told me that his biggest worries among his friends is the problem of trust.

He admitted that "We are seen almost everywhere together but when it comes to relying on the other, there lies the problem." And this is one of the main reasons i decided to come up with this article; to show you how to make people trust you even when they never thought of.

On the other hand, this process can still be used to fasten weak relationship toward a healthy and successful one. If you try to know why some relationships become healthy, you will equally discover that the spouses find trust in each other.

But before I let you know how to make people trust or believe you, I will first of all let you know some of the reasons which may cause people not to rely or trust everything about you. But also know that this has to do solely with your behaviour and how you go about interacting with people (your victims).

How to make people trust in you

  • Fake promises: In most of my coaching lessons, I always emphasis on the issue of making fake promises and how the consequences usually turn out to be nothing but disastrous. This is to say that, if your life with them is one which they never see any degree of trust probably because you always make promises and break them, it will be difficult for them to place their trust even when you appear to be serious, they won't know this and thus treat you the way they did. So, in order to make people trust you, you must consider the circumstances under which you make promises so as to fulfil them, right? Only then would they trust you.
  • No sign of seriousness: One of the major factor which may cause people not to trust in you may be when they realised that nothing about you is serious and this is nothing more than the habit of procrastination and the consequences are always too much thereafter. With this kind of habit, no one would prefer or relying on someone who is never serious in anything in life. This therefore means that if you discovered this weakness in you, the first thing will be by starting to get rid of this habit. When you do that, people will gradually begin to find seriousness and trust in you and whatever you say.
  • Build trust among them: Before you let people trust you, you must have something in you which in return will benefit your opponents. You don’t really necessarily have to do so much. You can still in return show them this level of trust in you and this will be nothing more than making them believe that you can be dependable and trusted. When they see this in you, trust will no more be a problem since you’ve already built the trust.
  • The habit of procrastination: A person who always tries to tackle problems by procrastinating is likely to lose trust from within and from other people. This is because when people discover you are fond of shifting things which could have been done last year and still planning to do it later, they will in turn find you weird when it comes to matter of trust. This therefore means that, in order to make people trust you, you must first of all start by eliminating this kind of habit. You can do this by starting to make attainable goals for yourself. If you manage to set meaningful and attainable plans and achieve them, people will turn to trust in you when it comes to this field.

Finally, speak in a serious and confident tone

Finally, when talking among them especially your victims, show some degree of seriousness and when you do, speak in a confident manner.

Make them believe that you know what you are talking about and if you make them see these qualities in you, they will in return trust you.

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