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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make people believe you

Making people believe you

There are many times in our lives that we have once wanted the people around us to believe in us. Still because of this lack of believe in people to trust others, many relationships have gone bad.

I lastly witnessed a situation whereby a relationship had to break down because one of the spouses was unable to let the other partner believe it was just a mere rumour. And this is one of my major concern in coming up with this article; how to make someone believe in us when we wanted them to do so.

As I go on, remember that, this article does not only deal with relationships' issues, but it goes as far as in other parts in our day-to-day activities like when we want our friends to see through our own lens, when we need to send out the right signal, even when to start up a new relationship, the other person must first believe you before any emotion can take place.

How to make people believe you

In order to make people believe you or what you say, you must adapt yourself to the following steps listed below and all of them are practically applicable.

  • What do you know about the topic? One of the reasons many people fail in letting people see from their own perspectives is as a result of lack of adequate knowledge of the topic matter and that’s the exact opposite reason why, because of the expertise of lawyers, they usually talk majestically and so, usually win. What about you? This therefore means that, before you let people believe you or what you say, you must have enough knowledge of the topic at hand before others can believe you. In reality, when people discover that you know better than them, they will in return believe what you say.
  • The way you talk: Yesterday, my friends and I were busy conversing when Elvis (an old friend) suddenly came up with a certain topic (sports and politics) and started talking about it. Everyone believed him so much and was convinced by the way he boldly talked, displayed certain body postures. Do you know that despite the fact that everyone believed him, he was actually lying? Simply because of how he talked coupled with enough of what he knows about the topic than us and so, he made us believed him. This therefore means that you can still make people believe you whether you’re telling the truth or not just by speaking in a confident manner and avoid stammering and that’s what Elvis did.
  • Give examples: When trying to make people believe you, you must always back up your facts using clear examples. This works well with sceptics. Sceptics are people who doubt almost everyone and everything. So, dealing with such people, you must give them clear examples they know so well, only then can they believe you.
  • Dress decently: This is because clothes give other people certain impression about us. And that’s why most fraudsters always use certain cloths to appear in the desired form and dupe their victims. How do you want people to consider you? In this regard, dress according to how you will want them to perceive you. When they see you in that form, they’re already defeated by looks.

Final words about making people believe you

Finally, in other to make people believe you, you must have something in return that will act as some kind of benefit to them only then can you catch their attention.

This is because, someone can only listen to you if you make him realise why he has to listen and this can only be done by creating some kind of benefit so as to attract his attention.

And this happens even in love relationship when trying to attract someone you love. When a guy approaches a girl for the first time, if the girl has not been familiar with the guy, the boy starts making her see reasons for going into the relationship and he does all these by using romantic words to let her believe him.

In the book, ‘How to make someone fall in love with you’, I explained how you can use certain words in order to make someone fall in love with you if you manage to talk to them.

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